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Payne Glasses offers cost-effective fashionable eyewear solutions

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Payne Glasses have been around for many years. In this time, the company has come up with various strategies to manufacture eyewear that is visually appealing and affordable.

Customers can look forward to selecting from a broad range of eyewear to match their needs and lifestyles. Eyewear products include prescription glasses, multifocal progressive lenses, sunglasses and blue filtering glasses.

The company has also created an innovative business model so that you can purchase lenses and frames at competitive prices without sacrificing quality or aesthetic appeal. Customers enjoy additional bonuses such as a Payne Glasses coupon code to add to the benefits of shopping in their online store.

Wondering how on earth you will order the right frames with prescription lenses online that fit you and suit your face shape? Wonder no more — this eyewear site has an answer for that, too.

What prescription eyewear is available from Payne Glasses?

Anyone who needs prescription eyeglasses knows that this is one of the most important purchases that they will make. Your eye health is vital to living a normal life, so you need a service provider you can count on.

Payne Glasses makes it easy to purchase a range of different types of prescription glasses online. The website’s layout is user-friendly and directs shoppers to a diverse selection of categories that make for a pleasing shopping experience.

You can look through the categories for men, women or children and choose the appropriate page to shop for their lenses and frame styles.

You can choose from a long list of prescription lenses and types of glasses, including:

  • Single vision lenses

  • Bifocals

  • Multifocal progressives

  • Progressives for “beginners”

  • Sunglasses

  • Blue light glasses

  • Prescription sports glasses

Single-vision prescription glasses require a simple lens, which is easy to order online once you have obtained an optometrist’s prescription. You can use the same prescription to order sports glasses, prescription goggles or sunglasses.

Progressive lenses are more complicated, as they require lens modifications that allow for multifocal correction in one lens. There are usually two or three different corrective powers in these lenses. For example, they may have corrections for both reading and distance vision. Progressives do not have the demarcation lines of older bifocal and trifocal lenses, thanks to advanced technology.

If you are concerned about ordering prescription glasses online, don’t be. Payne offers plenty of help to make this a pleasant experience. After all, the company wants to keep you happy. Happy customers are loyal customers that often refer others to the site. 

How to order your prescription glasses online

Ordering prescription glasses online might sound like a complicated task, but it is relatively easy. Simply register to create an account or use your Facebook or Twitter account to get started. But first, read through these tips to understand what you need to do when ordering prescription glasses:

  • Make sure you have a current eyeglass prescription.

  • Measure the pupillary distance (PD) between your eyes.

  • Decide what type of lens you want: plano (no prescription), single vision, bifocal, trifocal or progressive.

  • Decide whether you want photochromic lenses that are light-sensitive.

  • Understand which lens index will suit you the best (the website automatically makes index suggestions when capturing your prescription data).

  • Select the right frame to match your prescription and lens index.

Once you have considered all these elements, the next step is to choose your frame style and color. You might also want to order a second pair of prescription glasses in a different style or add sunglasses to your order.

Trending styles from Payne Glasses

What would eyewear be without attractive frames to support your vision health? In the past, some people didn't like wearing glasses because the design styles of frames used to be so basic and sometimes “ugly.”

Fast forward to the twenty-first century — eyewear manufacturers have wholly upped their game. Customer demand is a powerful force, and classy frame styles would never have come into being without consumer demand.

Payne Glasses delivers a wide range of visually appealing glasses frames — so much so that you may find it challenging to choose a frame. You can buy a primary pair of prescription glasses and get yourself one or more additional pairs to add to your “eyewear wardrobe.”

While browsing through the site, you will see a category for different glasses styles such as the aviator, cat-eye or classic styles.

Other popular style categories include:

  • Round and oval glasses

  • Square, rectangular and geometric glasses

  • Browline and keyhole bridge glasses

  • Rimless and semi-rimless glasses

Many more styles are available to match your lifestyle and personality, whether you wear prescription glasses or simply want plano (non-prescription) glasses to wear as a fashion accessory.

Glasses frame materials and sizes

You shouldn’t buy prescription or plano glasses without considering the materials the frames are made with. Knowing your lens prescription is essential when choosing the frame material — the frame must be the right size and strength to support the lens.

Fortunately, Payne Glasses also categorizes their frames to make it easy for you to choose the right frame to match your prescription lenses. When you browse through the “frame size” category, you will see specific headings for thick frames and ultra-lightweight glasses. You will also note that there are separate sections for petite and ultra-large glasses.

Beyond these choices, you can select titanium, acetate, Ultem or TR frames. All frame materials have different qualities that distinguish them from the others. Frame material characteristics include being lightweight, durable and flexible, having a wood-grain look or being hypoallergenic.

Add color and flair to your eyewear with Payne Glasses

This part is where purchasing eyewear online is fun. This company truly caters to the fashion-conscious customer who needs prescription glasses or wants to boost their accessory collection.

Which frame colors do you prefer? Tortoiseshell or floral? Maybe a sophisticated look in the form of clear or translucent frames? Why choose just one? Payne Glasses is so affordable that you can get a pair for every day of the week. 

Still not feeling the fun? Consider a multicolored frame with hues of blue, gray, green, red or pink — or any other variety of colors.

Maybe you are more conservative and prefer a plain black, brown, gray, white or silver frame. 

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If you like to stand out from the crowd, then take a peek at the color-changing frames. These frames are translucent during the day. But as you move into darker environments, they change color. The color change is gradual, transitioning from translucent to a pale glow-in-the-dark green as the light around you decreases. These color-changing, glow-in-the-dark frames are fascinating and add an extra bit of fun to your eyewear.

To make the most of the choices available to you, you will need to create an account to be eligible for a Payne Glasses discount code. Payne Glasses discounts and promotions really help toward buying an essential pair of glasses or building out your glasses wardrobe.

Payne Glasses discounts and pricing

Eyewear that looks good and is durable without breaking the budget is certainly welcome. Payne Glasses offers a cost-effective solution for everyone — you can get glasses frames for as little as $5.95, though you will still need to pay for your prescription lenses and any other add-ons that you might want.

When you create an account online, you'll get a Payne Glasses promo code. Your welcome gift is typically a discount in the form of 2,000 points. You can use these points to save on your initial or following purchases. The terms and conditions of using the gift are explained after you register.

Another benefit of opening an account is that you can create several profiles. This is a useful feature, as you can record each family member’s prescriptions and orders all in one place. If you can’t use a promo code for yourself, perhaps a different family member can benefit from the discount. 

You can also sign up for their newsletter to receive additional Payne Glasses coupons and discounts.

While offering promo codes and discounts is a normal part of doing business, these discounts do go a long way toward helping build your fashion eyewear collection. You can even use discount offers to help pay for more-expensive options on prescription glasses. You may also benefit from discounts on sunglasses, other eyewear or accessories.

Is there a warranty?

If you made a mistake when you ordered, or you just don’t like your glasses, Payne Glasses’ standard warranty allows you to return your glasses for a 50% refund (minus shipping). Or, alternatively, you can get a one-time-use Payne Glasses exchange code (minus shipping) to use toward a different pair of glasses. 

You can also buy a Risk Free Warranty for even more protection. Check their website for specifics about their warranties and return policies.

Stock up on accessories

Be sure to check out the list of accessories before completing your order. Essentials such as microfiber cloths for cleaning and cases for storing your glasses are available.

You may want to purchase a strap for your eyeglasses to help prevent losing them. Chains are also available if this suits your style better. Non-slip ear grips can add to your comfort and help protect your glasses from falls. 

You can select from a range of accessories to maintain your new eyewear. Products range from mini screwdrivers to anti-fog cleaning cloths to clip-on shades that reduce glare.  

Is Payne Glasses legit?

After seeing such low prices, people often ask whether Payne Glasses is legit. The answer is yes, and Payne Glasses reviews on Trustpilot confirm this with 87% five-star reviews. The company would not be thriving if customers weren’t happy with their products and services.

Payne Glasses offers you affordable eyewear and a user-friendly website experience. If you need further help, you can also speak to one of their specialists.

When prescription glasses are on your shopping list, this company provides a convenient shopping experience for its customers. If you are in the mood for an eyewear shopping spree, take a look at the selection on their website..

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