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Asian fit glasses: What they are and where to buy them

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What are Asian fit glasses?

Eyeglasses and sunglasses aren’t one-size-fits-all accessories. There are many different facial features that a pair of glasses should not only work for, but complement. 

That’s why a number of eyewear companies offer Asian fit glasses, also called “low bridge” or “global” fit. They’re designed to lay comfortably on and flatter a low nose bridge and high cheekbones, features often shared by people of Asian descent.

It’s important to note that anyone can benefit from Asian fit frames — especially if your standard-fit glasses frequently slide down your nose. They make clear and comfortable vision possible for everyone.   

Asian fit vs. standard fit

For a long time, frame companies only produced one fit for frames, otherwise known as the “standard fit.” Features often found on standard-fit frames include:

  • Fixed nose pieces that cannot be adjusted

  • Long, straight and narrow temple arms 

  • A narrow nose bridge

Standard fit frames accommodate facial features such as a higher, more prominent nose bridge, and a narrow face shape. Having a higher nose bridge keeps standard frames from sliding. It also prevents frames from touching the eyelashes, or resting too heavily on the cheeks.

People who have different facial features often deal with headaches from a too-tight temple fit. Their frames also slide down their noses frequently. This is because their nose bridge is lower and cannot support the standard frame measurement. 

Asian fit frames fix this problem by providing:

  • A lower, wider nose bridge

  • Larger, higher nose pads that can be adjusted depending on the frame style

  • Shorter, wider and slightly tilted lenses

  • Wider and slightly curved temple arms

These adjustments allow the frames to sit a little farther away from the face. This prevents the glasses from resting on the cheeks, pinching the temples and fogging up. 

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Who should wear Asian fit glasses?

It’s important to note that low bridge frames are not specifically for people in the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. In fact, there are many AAPI people who wear standard-fit frames without any problems. Similarly, there are many non-AAPI people who could benefit from Asian fit frames.

If any of the following statements are true, Asian fit frames may work well for you:

  • You have high cheekbones – The bottom of your glasses often rest on your cheeks. 

  • You have a wide or round face – Wearing glasses causes pinching, soreness or headaches along the sides of your head.

  • Your facial features are a little more flat – Glasses and sunglasses slide down your nose, which causes you to frequently push them back up.

How to know if glasses are Asian fit

To know whether a pair of frames has an Asian fit, they should fall within a certain range of measurements.

Most frame sizes are marked on the inside of one of the temple arms. Which arm it’s on varies, so you may have to check both. Measurements are in millimeters and listed in three segments:

  • Lens width – The first number represents the horizontal width of each lens. This number usually falls between 31mm and 60mm.

  • Bridge width – The second number is how wide the nose bridge is. The average measurement for standard-fit nose bridges is between 12mm and 31mm. Asian fit nose bridges typically start around 8mm. 

  • Temple length – The third number describes how long the temple arms are. This measurement averages between 115mm and 155mm.

Measurements for Asian fit frames are generally smaller than standard-fit measurements. But every face is different, so work with your optician to find your perfect fit.

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Where to buy Asian fit sunglasses and glasses

Finding low bridge fit frames for your glasses or sunglasses is simple once you know what to look for. Top brands like Ray-Ban and Oliver Peoples offer low bridge options on their websites. Many optical shops also provide the alternative fit in-store.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, browse through EyeBuyDirect’s inventory of low bridge frames.

When shopping online, click around on the different search filters and frame specifications. Many brands have “low bridge fit” as a category on their website. However, the option may be a little trickier to find on other retail sites. Searching for “Asian fit” or “low bridge fit” on the website itself is another great way to specify your preferences.

Everyone deserves clear and comfortable vision, whether or not your facial features fit the standard mold. Low bridge frames are a great step toward inclusivity and happy vision for all.

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