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Foster Grant reading glasses: Styles, features and where to buy

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Looking for a pair of Foster Grant reading glasses? This brand offers affordable, stylish readers to help you see clearly when facing up-close activities such as cooking, reading and playing games.

Our guide to Foster Grant reading glasses will explain how to shop for reading glasses, what features and styles to look for and where to buy Foster Grant readers.

How do you know if you need reading glasses?

Do you have your eye on a cool pair of readers but aren’t quite sure if you need reading glasses yet? Here’s how to tell.

Most people need reading glasses starting at some point in their 40s. This happens because of presbyopia, a normal part of aging that makes it harder for the eyes to focus up close.

Reading glasses are available with or without a prescription and help you to see more clearly when reading and doing other tasks such as choosing an entree from a restaurant menu, deciphering a tourist destination on a map or playing games on your smartphone.

Here are a few signs you may need reading glasses:

  • You find yourself squinting at small print on your phone.

  • You have more trouble reading in a poorly lit room.

  • You notice you’re holding reading materials at arm’s length.

The best way to know for sure if you need readers is to visit your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam. During the exam, your eye doctor can give you a presbyopia test. If you have presbyopia, your eye doctor also will be able to tell you what power of reading glasses you need.

Don’t delay: There are many advantages to reading glasses. They’re affordable and can help you see better and enjoy your hobbies more.

Shopping for Foster Grant readers

When you’re looking for reading glasses, it’s wise to choose a trusted name brand like Foster Grant. Picking a quality brand is the first step in choosing the right readers.

Foster Grant women’s reading glasses and men’s reading glasses come in a range of colors, styles and shapes. You can buy Foster Grant reading glasses in powers ranging from +1.0 to +3.50 diopters (D).

How much do Foster Grant reading glasses cost?

Foster Grant readers typically cost from about $18 to $40. They’re not the cheapest brand of readers available, but they’re fairly affordable and they’re high quality. 

Cost varies based on the style, frame material, features and lenses. For example, Foster Grant Multi Focus readers may be priced on the higher end of the range.

What styles of Foster Grant readers are available?

You can choose readers in different styles to suit your face size and shape. Shapes of Foster Grant reader frames include:

The readers also come in a large range of colors for both men and women. Available colors include: 

  • Gold 

  • Silver 

  • Gunmetal 

  • Gray 

  • Blue 

  • Red 

  • Tan 

  • Tortoise 

  • Floral 

Some styles have two-color frames. For example, the women’s Alicia style, part of the Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant collection, comes in lilac and brown or blue and brown.

What features do Foster Grant readers have?

Foster Grant also offers a selection of features. Available features include: 

Some styles also come with a case.

Where can I buy Foster Grant reading glasses?

You can buy Foster Grant readers online or in person at a local pharmacy or grocery store. Here are some of your buying options:

  • Buy online through Foster Grant website – You can buy women’s Foster Grant readers and men’s Foster Grant readers online at FosterGrant.com.

  • Shop an authorized Foster Grant retailer – Foster Grant reading glasses are available at Albertsons, CVS, Food Lion, Kroger, Publix, Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and many other retailers. Foster Grant lists authorized retailers on its website. 

What’s the best place to buy Foster Grant readers? That depends on your preferences. You may have more color and style options by buying from FosterGrant.com. But if you like to try before you buy, stopping by a Foster Grant retailer near you may be your best bet.

Are Foster Grant reading glasses good quality?

Foster Grant offers high-quality reading glasses with prescription-quality lenses and the option of styles with anti-fog or anti-reflective coating. Getting a pair of readers with quality lenses helps to ensure that you’ll see clearly without distortions that can be caused by lower quality lenses.

In addition to offering prescription-quality lenses, Foster Grant also offers readers with high-quality frames in a variety of materials, including lightweight titanium. Some Foster Grant frames feature spring hinges or memory metal technology. Memory metal allows an eyeglasses frame to go back to its original shape if it gets bent.

Foster Grant glasses and sunglasses

If you love your Foster Grant readers, keep in mind that Foster Grant also offers other types of glasses, including blue light glasses and sunglasses. In fact, Foster Grant got its start in 1929 by selling sunglasses. 

Foster Grant sunglasses, which include mirrored and polarized sunglasses, can help protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays in style. Foster Grant polarized sunglasses may be a good choice if you’ll be wearing your sunglasses while boating, driving or doing any other activity in which you want to cut down on glare.

How to pick a pair of reading glasses 

You don’t need a prescription to buy reading glasses. But your eye doctor can help you decide on the right power, also referred to as “strength.” 

You might need low power reading glasses (+1.25 to +1.5 D or lower) at first but higher power reading glasses (+2.0 to +2.5 D and up) as your presbyopia progresses with age. You may also find that you need different powers for different tasks.

Will reading glasses make my vision worse?

Some people may worry that readers weaken the eyes, but that’s just a myth. The truth is, readers will help you see better. So don’t be afraid to start using readers as soon as you’re ready.

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