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Brooks Brothers is an American clothing brand with over 200 years in the fashion industry. In the early 1990s, the brand expanded their product line to include eyewear.

Incorporating classic Americana with modern detail, Brooks Brothers glasses are stylish while also maintaining the impeccable quality the brand is known for.

About the Brooks Brothers brand

Henry Sands Brooks opened the first Brooks Brothers store in New York City in 1818. Originally, the store was called H. & D.H. Brooks & Co. and made a name for itself as being “makers and merchants in one.”

Business was booming by 1833, so Henry asked his sons, who were also retailers, to come and help him. After Henry’s death later that year, his oldest son, Henry Jr., took over the firm until 1850. At that point, his four younger brothers assumed leadership and changed the firm’s name to Brooks Brothers. 

The Brooks men developed ready-made suits, which allowed people to wear a suit immediately after purchase rather than waiting on a tailor to make it for them. In 1865, they made a coat for Abraham Lincoln — a loyal customer — with an intricately embroidered eagle inside the lining and the inscription “One Country, One Destiny.” Lincoln was wearing the coat when he was assassinated two weeks later.

Throughout their 202 years in business (and counting), Brooks Brothers has created some of the most iconic men's clothing pieces, including the original button-down polo shirt, The #1 Sack Suit and the first 100% cotton non-iron shirt. In 1992, the brand signed a licensing agreement with Luxottica to create a line of eyewear. 

The brand has shaped American style through fashion innovation, fine quality and exceptional value in their products.

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Top styles for eyeglasses 

Using lightweight materials and slender lines, the Brooks Brothers glasses collection represents the brand’s iconic style. Each product reflects a classic design that delivers high functionality and quality. Here are a few popular options:


This style offers a simplistic, sophisticated design with a timeless tortoiseshell acetate frame. Using a brushed bronze metal for the bridge and the arms of the frames, the 2042 perfectly combines classic features and rustic details. This style is also available in the color Grey Transparent.


Characterized by round metal frames, 1085 is a stylish, straightforward choice for those who prefer a minimalist design. The frames are made of a metal called Monel, featuring a delicate colored inlay. Style 1085 is available in several metal colors with varying inlay options.


These frames offer a polished version of the classic wayfarer design. With flattering rectangular frames crafted in lightweight acetate, 2051 glasses are a top choice for effortless elegance. Their ability to be dressed up or down makes this style a perfect choice for everyday frames.

Top styles for sunglasses


This classic pair of shades is stylish enough to make anybody look cool. Made with acetate, these no-fuss frames are the perfect go-to choice for sun protection. The rectangle frames with slim arms allow these sunnies to complement a button-down shirt, a pair of swim trunks and everything in between. Style 5044 is available in three frame and lens color options.


For those searching for a slick pair of aviator sunglasses, look no further. Style 4056 has the quintessential aviator look with the unique details offered only by Brooks Brothers. The metal arms of the frames have a delicately ingrained texture with the Brooks Brothers emblem on the earpiece. Several metal and lens color options are available.


These old Hollywood frames will give you serious Clark Gable vibes. The classic rectangular lenses have metal framing and retro acetate detailing along the top. Arms of the frames are metal with intricate designs ingrained, which adds interesting, thoughtful detail. Style 5042 is available in three metal and lens color choices.

Where to buy Brooks Brothers eyewear

Whether you’ve found the pair you want, or you want to browse the entire Brooks Brothers eyewear collection, you can find them in-store or at online retailers.

LensCrafters. If you want to try on Brooks Brothers glasses in person, you can find them at your local LensCrafters. The optical store can fit your preferred frames with any of their classic or specialty lenses. They also provide eye exams, so if you’re needing an updated vision prescription, they can take care of that too.

FramesDirect. Likely offering the largest selection of Brooks Brothers glasses, FramesDirect allows you to filter your results based on your preferred frame measurements. So, if you’re replacing an old pair of frames that fit your face perfectly, you can input the measurements and find frames that fall within the same dimensions.

Coastal. The Coastal website has a feature that allows you to try on glasses virtually. You can enter your pupillary distance (or go without if you don’t have it) and use the camera on your laptop, smartphone or tablet to see how the frames look on your face.

Other online retailers who offer Brooks Brothers eyewear include GlassesUSA, Designer Optics, Cool Frames and Eyeglasses.com. 

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