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Wide-frame glasses: Picking the best glasses for wide faces

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If you have a round, diamond, oval or heart-shaped face, you may also fall into the category of having a wide face since these shapes tend to be wider at the forehead and/or cheekbones. 

The trick to finding glasses for wide faces is to choose frames that complement your face shape without making it appear wider. 

Opt for eyeglasses with interesting geometric details and strong angles to offset the roundness of a wide face, or choose oversized frames to bring attention to your eyes and balance out your facial structure. Be sure to avoid small, circular frames that don’t extend as far as your temples. These can make your face seem larger in comparison. 

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Do I have a wide face shape?

To help determine whether you have a wide face, start by measuring your face from temple to temple. Next, measure the distance between the middle of your eyebrows to your upper lip. Divide the width by the length. This will give you your facial width-to-height ratio (FWHR). 

If your ratio is somewhere in the 1.9 range, your face is on the wider side. 

Try these eyeglasses for a wide face shape 

Oversized glasses 

Not only are they right on trend, oversized glasses are a great fit for wide faces because they help balance out your features. If your face is widest at the forehead or temples, consider a pair of oversized specs to draw attention to your eyes and even out your features. Celebs like Mindy Kaling and Kanye West are fans of this larger-than-life style. 

Geometric glasses 

Want a more distinct look? Use your angles. The strong, sharper details of polygon-shaped glasses (aka geometric frames) complement the soft, rounder features of wide faces. 

Rectangular glasses 

Speaking of angles, rectangular-shaped glasses add an element of sophistication to your style and can make your face look longer and more narrow. Stars like Kaley Cuoco and Chris Hemsworth have an eye for a rectangular design. 

Cat-eye glasses 

With their vintage flair and upswept sides, cat-eye glasses are the purr-fect way to bring attention to prominent cheekbones or adorn the full cheeks that are characteristic of many wide faces. Model Miranda Kerr is a fan of this feline-inspired trend. 

There’s a wide range of glasses to choose from when you have a wide face shape. Remember that pronounced cheekbones, rounder features and softer cheeks are all attributes that should be highlighted and not overshadowed. 

While you’ll want to steer away from smaller frames that can make your face appear wider, the right pair of glasses can help you accentuate your features and put your best face forward.  

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