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Video: Best eyeglasses for your face shape

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Video transcript

[00:00:00] The best eyeglass frames for your face shape, that perfect pair of eyeglasses isn't just about style and color, it's also about fit. That's where the shape of your face comes into play.

Matching your face shape to the right frames ensures you will look your best.

The six common face shapes are diamond, inverted triangle, square, round, oval and heart shaped.

A person with a diamond shaped face has full cheeks and a narrow forehead and jaw line.

The best frame styles for a diamond face shape are rectangle oval cateye and eyewear with bold colors. Soft frame angles draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, making the narrow forehead and chin less prominent.

An inverted triangle face shape is wide at the forehead and typically narrow at the chin.

The best frame styles for an inverted triangle face shape? Geometric, circular, and cateye. Wider top glasses help compensate for the appearance of a wider forehead.

If you have a square face shape, you have prominent cheekbones that match the width of your forehead and a well-defined jaw line.

The best frame styles for a square face shape? Round, oval, and eyeglasses with a dark upper rim or lighter lower rim. Non square eyeglasses soften the angular features and draw attention to the eyes, while lengthening the appearance of the face.

The round shape face is equal in width and length with full cheekbones.

The best frame styles for a round face shape? Rectangular rim or semi rim, less frames, bold colored frames and wayfarers. Angular frames add sharpness to a round face shape, while semi rimless frames help widen the eyes and add definition to rounded cheek bones.

An oval face shape is slightly longer than wide with a narrow chin.

The best frame styles for an oval face shape? Wide around the eye, square and oval shapes and aviators. Eyeglasses in bold shapes, colors and materials with up swept corners, emphasize cheekbones and look more contoured.

If you have a heart shaped face, you have a prominent forehead with high cheekbones and a narrow chin.

Excellent styles for a heart shaped face? Geometric and circular frame. Frames with wider bottoms, balance and complement the inverted triangle aspects of your heart shaped face.

[00:02:24] By matching your face shape with the best eyeglass frames, you will look your best for wherever your day may take you.

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