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6 fun facts about rimless glasses

woman wearing rimless glasses

If you regularly wear eyeglasses there’s a good chance the thought of wearing rimless glasses has crossed your mind a time or two … or three. 

After wearing eyeglasses with bulky frames or colors that might be distracting in some way, there’s something tempting about the idea of glasses that don’t always look like glasses. 

And in case you’re wondering, despite the continuously swinging fashion pendulum, rimless glasses remain a classic.

But let’s back it up for a moment. What exactly are rimless glasses

Well, as you might expect, rimless glasses place the focus (pun intentional) on functional if less obvious. They might have artfully designed temples, but the lenses attach directly to the temples, so there’s less weight on your nose and face and a less noticeable look overall.

Here are some other fun things to know about rimless eyeglasses: 

1. Rimless glasses are not all that new

Sorry to disappoint you, but no matter how cutting edge they seem, rimless glasses have been on the scene for hundreds of years. 

Back in the 1700s, something called the “eye ring” made its debut on the eyeglasses scene in Germany. 

About a hundred years later an optics student named J.F. Voigtlander started producing monocles, or one-lensed eyeglasses you hold in your hand or scrunch under your brow. 

In the late 1800s, fashionable French ladies used something called a lorgnette, eyeglasses that were held up with a single handle. 

But what’s old is new again. Warby Parker launched a monocle a few years back and Moderne Monocle has a new line of gorgeous monocles and reading glasses that double as trendy jewelry. 

Guess Mr. Peanut was more of an influencer than anyone realized! 

2. Rimless glasses are always red carpet ready

What do A-List actors Jennifer Garner, Kate Beckinsale and Patrick Dempsey all have in common? 

Sure, they’re all fabulous and glamorous, but they’ve also been spotted wearing rimless glasses on the red carpet or at glittery Hollywood events – and it’s a trend that makes sense. 

For often photographed celebrities, rimless glasses can keep the focus on their face instead of their frame. 

Also, these famous folks fly a lot, so their eyes might be feeling dry or red by the time they land and immediately rush off to an appearance. Rimless glasses allow them to both see and be seen in high style. 

3. Rimless glasses flatter every face

Unlike Elton John, who spent the 1970s wearing outrageous embellished eyeglass frames to concerts, Oprah who currently favors oversized black frames, or nonagenarian style icon Iris Apfel, known for her huge round black glasses, not all faces can carry a bold eyeglasses frame comfortably. 

Whether you’re self-conscious about the size of your nose, or can’t find a color that flatters your face, rimless glasses provide a great alternative. Since all you see are glasses, you can rest assured that only your natural beauty will show through. 

And if you’d like a pop of color, consider going more playful with the temple of the glasses, choosing a shocking pink or electric blue. 

4. There are so many rimless styles available

Think you already know everything there is to know about rimless glasses? Boy are you about to change your mind. 

If you search for “rimless glasses” and expect only one or two boring shapes, you’re in for a surprise. From pink gold to exotic wood bridges (the part that’s on your nose) and temples (the long arms that rest on your ears), from sleek oval shapes to quirky square or star shapes, rimless glasses are anything but boring. 

Need some more inspiration? Tint your lens pink or opt for Transitions photochromic lenses that adapt to light changes, or choose blue light lenses for when you stare at a screen. 

5. Rimless glasses are surprisingly sturdy

For some reason, rimless glasses have a reputation for being extremely delicate. While that may have been true way back when, the new generation of rimless eyeglasses rely on technology and clever design to make glasses that can withstand a lot of daily wear and abuse. 

If you choose titanium in your frame, your glasses won’t only be extra light, they’ll also be a lot stronger than acetate frames. Make sure to pair that with scratch resistant lenses and you’ll find that your new rimless glasses will last a long time. 

6. Rimless glasses are actually affordable

Another thing that people seem to misunderstand about rimless glasses is the price. 

Even about 20 years ago, rimless glasses were only seen as something available to the extremely wealthy. Think about the image of Steve Jobs with his rimless specs. 

The thing is though, it’s not only traditional frames that have become more affordable. As more quality eyeglasses retailers bring production local, production costs can go down. Besides, there are no frames to construct or ship, so the price is already more manageable. 

Thinking about investing in a pair of rimless eyeglasses? Here 6 great reasons to treat yourself to a pair of rimless glasses.

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