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Best blue light filtering glasses in 2023

woman in bed on her computer tablet wearing blue light blocking glasses

Blue light glasses and extended computer use seem to go together like bread and butter. They can help wearers get through each screen-packed day with more visual comfort.

Blue light glasses are sometimes referred to as blue-light blocking glasses, blue light filter glasses or just blue blockers. Even though these types of glasses are often called ‘blue-light blocking,’ it’s more accurate to say that they filter blue light.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all blue light glasses filter all blue light — most light yellow tinted blue light glasses are able to filter higher energy blue-violet light, while darker orange tints may be required to filter lower energy blue-turquoise light.

With so many different names, types and cosmetic designs for blue light glasses out there, it’s hard to know which pair is best for you.

So we did a little digging through social media, message boards and customer reviews to hunt down a handful of the top blue light filtering glasses of 2023.

Best everyday glasses

St Michel Round Eyeglasses

Currently EyeBuyDirect’s most popular set of glasses available with blue light filtering. They have clear lenses, so you can improve visual comfort with friends and coworkers none the wiser.

Available in multiple sizes, frame colors and lens tints. Prescription lenses are available for no additional cost.

Nash Blue Light Glasses

Popular frames from a popular retailer, this timeless frame style complements a variety of face shapes with ease.

Available in multiple frame colors and lens tints. Also available with +0.25 magnification. Prescription lenses are available for an extra cost.

Best budget buys

Cyxus® Wing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Buy from Cyxus

  • Starting at $29.99

These non-prescription glasses can help alleviate computer vision syndrome with minimal investment. They’re geat for people who wear contact lenses or have 20/20 vision.

Available in multiple frame colors and styles.

The Pike Place Blue Light Reader

Blue light glasses that double as readers. These are best suited for people who wear contact lenses or experience mild farsightedness or presbyopia without astigmatism.

Available in multiple frame colors and magnification powers.

Best Computer Glasses and Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Intercept Eyeglasses

The Gunnar brand has been synonymous with computer and gaming glasses for quite some time. The slight yellow tint provides more blue light filtering for long PC or console sessions.

Available in multiple frame colors and lens tints. Prescription lenses are available for an extra cost.

Gamma Ray Optix Carter Computer Glasses 

Some of the best, most highly rated computer glasses on Amazon, with nearly 28,000 reviews. Increasing the amount of magnification for computer use (up from your reading glasses strength) can help reduce eye strain.

Available in multiple magnification powers.


Any qualifying pair of eyeglasses

Many eyeglass manufacturers now offer blue light coating on any lens as an add-on. These won’t provide extra magnification like many computer or gaming glasses (unless specifically offered), but they will reduce exposure to a modest amount of blue light.

Most often, this 10% to 20% filtering of blue light keeps the lenses clear enough for daily, near-constant use.

Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses 

  • Buy from Amazon

  • Starting at $12.34

These Uvex glasses have turned into somewhat of a cult classic.

The dark amber lenses filter 98% of blue light, preventing most of the blue-violet and blue-turquoise light from hitting your eyes. Uvex also makes a version that fits over your regular glasses.

If extended screen use causes problems like blurry vision or ocular migraines, lenses with an intermediate distance prescription may be beneficial.


Okay, so f.lux isn’t a pair of glasses; but it’s close. Using your location, f.lux adjusts the color, brightness and warmth of your monitor throughout the day to better fit the time and surroundings. The program makes estimates based on when you wake up and how bright the sun is.

Think of f.lux as a free, customizable dark mode for your computer.

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