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What Are The Best Contact Lenses For Keratoconus?

Generally, scleral contact lenses provide the best fit, comfort and visual acuity for someone with keratoconus.

Scleral contacts are larger in diameter than conventional gas permeable (GP) contact lenses, which allows them to vault over even relatively large areas of distorted cornea, eliminating much of the irregular astigmatism and other refractive errors caused by keratoconus.

Also, when properly fitted, scleral contacts provide a more stable fit and are less likely to become dislodged from the eye during sports and other activities. (They fit more securely under the eyelids due to their larger size.)

However, the best type of contact lens for keratoconus can vary from person to person. In some cases, conventional GP contacts may be a better choice — especially if the wearer has a difficult time applying and removing larger scleral lenses.

Hybrid contact lenses — lenses that have a rigid gas permeable central zone, surrounded by an outer zone made of silicone hydrogel contact lens material — are another good option for mild to moderate keratoconus. There even are custom soft contact lensesdesigned for the correction of astigmatism from keratoconus.

The first step in determining the best contact lenses if you have keratoconus is to schedule a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens evaluation with an eye doctor who specializes in contact lenses.

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