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What's New In Eyewear For Kids And Teens

Nine Eyewear Trends For Back-To-School

Shopping for back-to-school eyewear for your kids? With all the new styles and colors available now, it can be difficult to choose the frames they will want to wear all year long.


Frame: Kids by Safilo.

So we've placed some of the newest styles in nine groups, to help you find looks that suit your children's individual tastes:

  • Fashionista. Girls with a love for fashion can be fussy when choosing a frame. These styles are on-trend and feminine.

  • Hipster. These frames are cool-for-school looks with grown-up and retro styling.

  • Jet Set. Who says children can't wear black? It's classic and classy — and it goes with everything.

  • Little Scholar. Can looking smart inspire your kid to study harder? We don't know, but it's worth a shot, with these sweetly serious frames.

  • Oh-So-Cute. These frames are designed to make you go, "awwwww"!

  • True Blue. From aqua to navy, blue hues are trendy and cute on young faces.

  • Trendy Tortoise. Brown tortoise is classic and always in. But we've included some frames in colored tortoise or with unexpected color accents.

  • Colorific. Have a kid who loves bright, colorful clothing? These frames are perfect for him or her!

  • Sports-Focused. Stripes and neon accents emphasize your child's interest in sports. Also consider protective eyewear, now in designs made to fit with helmets.

Dolabany Kids Brings Bright Colors, Durability To Back-To-School Eyewear

September 2015 — The TR-90 frames in the Dolabany Kids eyewear collection were designed to be durable, flexible and resistant to extreme temperatures — perfect for kids who are rough on their glasses.

What is TR-90? It's a type of plastic that is lightweight and hypoallergenic and comes in beautiful, bright colors that look great on children's faces.

Best Image Optical, the company that distributes the Dolabany Kids line, has released the two new styles shown here. Called "Inventor" and "Chef," they have a grown-up look that's school-ready.

Each one is suitable for both boys and girls and comes in several colors, including black, navy, purple, pink, red and brown.

Other styles are available; ask your eye care professional.

Mykita Launches Children's Eyewear

September 2015 — The distinctive Mykita brand has debuted three sunglasses and four optical frames for kids 8 and older, in a collection called Mykita First.

The eye shapes are large and rounded, but the eyewear is very light. A rubber coating protects each stainless steel frame from scratching, and the Zeiss-made sun lenses are glare-resistant and provide 100 percent protection against UV rays.

Shown here are the Jaguar sunglass and the Kiwi frame, each available in several colors.

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