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Can I use vision insurance at a LensCrafters or similar retailer?

Purchasing eyeglasses at a Lenscrafters store using vision insurance

Can I use vision insurance at a LensCrafters or similar retailer, like Pearle Vision, Target Optical or Walmart Vision Center? Yes, absolutely!

LensCrafters accepts many insurance plans online as well as in store. However, some plans are only accepted in store. And there are a handful of out-of-network accepted insurance plans, like Vision Service Plan (VSP).

Vision insurance covers most of the costs for eyeglass frames, lenses, special lens coatings, contact lenses and eye exams. While LensCrafters itself doesn’t offer eye exams, “independent doctors of optometry” at or near LensCrafters stores do, and your vision plan should cover at least part of the expense. Since different plans cover different things, be sure to check your plan to find out what it covers and in what amounts.

What vision insurance does LensCrafters accept?

LensCrafters accepts a wide array of vision insurance plans, from large plans like Aetna Vision, Blue View Vision, EyeMed and Humana to local-based or niche plans like Louisiana DBG (Starmount) and Connecticare.

You can see a comprehensive list of the insurance plans LensCrafters works with here. Other eyewear stores have similar lists of accepted plans. Just check with the store to find out if they accept your plan.

Can you use VSP insurance at LensCrafters?

While LensCrafters isn’t affiliated specifically with Vision Service Plan (VSP), LensCrafters simplifies the reimbursement process for people who use VSP. 

For VSP, LensCrafters only charges you the amount you’d have to pay out-of-pocket. For other out-of-network plans, you will first have to cover the cost yourself, then submit your receipt to your insurance company to have a portion of the cost reimbursed.

How much is an eye exam at LensCrafters with insurance?

Online sources claim that an eye exam at LensCrafters will cost you $60, plus an additional $35 if you need eye dilation or a retinal exam, making your overall cost about $100 with insurance.

LensCrafters doesn’t offer eye exams as a company service. Instead, they employ independent doctors of optometry, who set their own prices for eye exams. This means you’ll have to call a LensCrafters store near you to get accurate pricing.

That said, your co-pay for your vision plan should still apply toward your eye exam at places like LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and Target Optical. Co-pays for eye exams usually run around $10. Check with your plan for the exact amount and verify with the doctor’s office when you schedule your appointment..

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Can I use my vision insurance to buy sunglasses?

If you were hoping to use your vision insurance to purchase prescription sunglasses or photochromic eyeglass lenses, you’re in luck! Eyewear retail stores like LensCrafters accept vision insurance for sunglasses purchases.

Ready to use your benefits?

Now that you know you can use your vision insurance at many eyewear retailers, find one close to you. If you already have a current vision prescription, great! Just take it to the nearest LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, Walmart Vision Center or other eyeglasses store to be fitted for new eyeglasses or contact lenses

If you haven’t already had an eye exam, make an appointment with an eye doctor and use your vision insurance to help pay for your exam.

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