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What’s the best warranty you can get on a pair of sunglasses?

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When buying a pair of sunglasses, make sure you’re getting the best sun protection, the best quality, the best brand — and the best warranty.

The warranty, depending on its longevity and level of coverage, can be the most critical part of the purchase. Some brands, including Costa, Oakley and Sunski, offer more extensive warranty options.

What’s the best warranty you can get on a pair of sunglasses?

Most sunglass brands will boast a one-year warranty, but several brands offer longer warranty periods. Certain designer brands — like Ray-Ban, Armani Exchange and Oliver Peoples — offer warranties for 24 months. 

The best option is a lifetime warranty, especially if you can find one with unlimited coverage. That means if anything happens to your sunglasses, you’ll be able to have the broken part fixed or the whole pair replaced, either free of charge or for a small fee. 

In most cases, however, you’ll find a limited warranty, which covers against defects in materials or workmanship, but not wear and tear.

What is a manufacturer’s defect? What is normal wear and tear for sunglasses? 

Manufacturer’s defects include non-functioning hinges and mounts and missing frame decals.

Normal wear and tear on sunglasses includes scratches on the lenses and bent frames. Of course, these are only considered typical damages from normal use if they occur while they’re in your possession.

If you receive your sunglasses already in these conditions, then you could be entitled to replacement sunglasses or repairs under your warranty.

Most warranties won’t cover lost sunglasses or damages caused by pets, vehicles or general neglect.

Sunglasses with lifetime warranty

Sunglasses with a lifetime warranty typically have the best value and return on investment.

If you purchase a pair of designer sunglasses at a considerably higher rate than the drugstore brands, you want some kind of reassurance that you won’t be throwing money out the window if a hinge stops working or you accidentally sit on your sunglasses.

And who hasn’t done that at least once or twice? The following sunglass brands have the best warranties:

Costa: Costa is a sporty sunglasses brand, and its manufacturers know that Costa customers are going to give their shades a run for their money. That’s why Costa touts a limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturing or design defects.

Oakley: Oakley’s snow and motocross goggles are equipped with polarized lenses to protect a wearer’s eyes from UV radiation and debris. Oakley goggles come with a limited lifetime warranty with coverage against defects in workmanship, while its sunglasses typically come with a two-year limited warranty. 

Sunski: Should anything go wrong with your shades — due to a manufacturing defect or normal use — Sunski will take care of them for you: repair them, replace them, whatever you need.

What’s included in a lifetime warranty for sunglasses?

Lifetime warranties for sunglass brands are rare. You’re more likely to find a 24-month warranty, most of which only cover damages caused by manufacturing defects.

The specifications of a warranty vary from brand to brand; however, many warranties include:

  • Frame replacements — If your sunglasses have any malfunctioning parts, you can mail in the defective pair to receive a replacement. You will need to provide proof of purchase.

  • Lens replacements — If the brand touts that its lenses are scratch-resistant or unbreakable, but your sunglasses are damaged nonetheless, you can send in your shades to have the lenses replaced. Proof of purchase is required.

  • Repairs on frames and lenses — Before a brand will replace your sunglasses, it’s much more likely that the maker will try to repair them first. Mail in your sunglasses with proof of purchase to receive repairs from the brand.

Lifetime warranties may have a few restrictions with certain brands. For example, many brands won’t honor warranties from unauthorized retailers, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping sunglasses.

Some brands also offer lifetime warranties on the frames, but only a year warranty on the lenses, or vice versa.

Brands will usually process repair and replacement requests within four to six weeks. In the meantime, wear a pair of sunglasses with UV 400 protection to ensure that your eyes aren't damaged by sun exposure.

Some brands offer free repairs and replacements, while others simply offer discounted repair or purchase rates. In any case, read the fine print on any warranty before buying your next pair of shades.

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