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Donating Eyeglasses

Wondering what to do with your used eyeglass frames? Don't throw them away!

Donating eyeglass frames is an easy way to help people who can't function normally because they can't see well.

Most world blindness is unnecessary. Nearly 700 million people have avoidable blindness or impaired vision that could easily be helped with an eye exam and a pair of glasses. Instead, they have to live with functional blindness — the inability to see well enough to do basic everyday tasks, such as reading, writing, cooking and earning a living.

Lions Clubs International Recycle for Sight

Donating Eyeglass Frames Through Lions Clubs International

Lions Clubs International volunteers collect old eyeglasses, reading glasses and sunglasses. They clean and repair the used eyewear, which is then distributed to people who can't afford to buy their own.

They accept both prescription and non-prescription eyewear, in both adults' and children's sizes.

Donating eyeglasses is easy. All you have to do is to take your old pairs to a Lions Club eyeglass donation bin in your town, or mail them to the Lions Clubs International headquarters.

Want to know more about donating eyeglasses? Visit the Lions Clubs eyewear donation web page for more information .

New Eyes - glasses for those in need

Donating Eyeglasses Through New Eyes

New Eyes collects old glasses and distributes them to needy people in developing nations worldwide. All you have to do is mail your eyewear to their offices — be sure to read the recycling information on their website  and following their shipping instructions.

New Eyes also takes hearing aids, watches, jewelry, silverware and giftware. And you or your organization or business can even sponsor a collection drive.

In addition to helping people in developing nations, New Eyes also collects donations to purchase new eyeglasses for poor children and adults in the United States.

Make a difference. Donate today. AAV

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Note: World blindness figures are from Optometry Giving Sight.

Page updated July 2018