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Tiffany sunglasses collections and where to buy them

A pair of black Tiffany sunglasses are displayed in front of the iconic turquoise blue Tiffany box and sunglasses case.

Tiffany & Co. has been offering luxury accessories since 1837. While the brand is best-known for its jewelry, its foray into the world of designer eyewear — specifically, sunglasses — began in 2008. 

They’ve since produced numerous collections of sunglasses with a range of elegant designs and models, including Tiffany T, Diamond Point and Wheat Leaf. 

If you’re interested in the high-end sunglasses from any of these collections, look no further than the upscale retailer, where you can purchase them directly. Other sellers, including Macy’s and Nordstrom, offer partial or total collections. 

However, it’s important to remember that a designer label usually comes with a designer price. So, be sure to do your research — knowing more about the style of sunglasses you’d like, where they’re sold and what best suits your budget can help you find the right pair for you.

Why Tiffany & Co.?

According to Tiffany & Co.’s website, their sunglasses are “engineered with precise craftsmanship and finished with original details.” This is a testament to the luxury and quality that comes with designer styles. 

The company has a wide array of styles and collections to choose from that you can purchase directly. Some of these (and more) are also available through other retailers at various price points, depending on how much you want to spend.

Tiffany & Co. also offers complimentary shipping and free returns in the event you don’t love the sunglasses you’ve ordered.

The collections offered at Tiffany & Co.

When you’re looking to buy a pair of luxury sunglasses, it’s important to know which frame shapes and design collections best suit your taste — and Tiffany’s website has 55 different types to check out.

The company has consistently created new collections over the years, but they also frequently update their existing designs. With so many different options, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for you. The Tiffany collections include:

  • Wheat Leaf in butterfly, cat eye, square and round frames 

  • Tiffany T in cat eye, round, square and pilot/aviator frames

  • Diamond Point in cat eye and pilot/aviator frames 

  • Tiffany Blue in panthos and oval frames

  • Return to Tiffany in square frames only

Many of these shades are available with your choice of gold or silver metal for the hardware, while frame color options include rose-gold, gold, brown, blue and more.

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The Tiffany price

If you’re ready to make the investment, you should first consider Tiffany & Co.’s price points — that way, you can get what’s best for you and your budget. For instance, their most expensive sunglasses can cost around $500, but not all Tiffany shades are quite that pricey. 

Generally speaking: The newer the collection, the more expensive the sunglasses. At the highest and lowest ends of their price range, you’ll find:

  • Wheat Leaf butterfly frames Selling for $487, these sleek sunglasses are detailed with mirror lenses and rose-gold metal accents. 

  • Tiffany Blue oval frames These sunglasses are $282 for the black acetate or gradient dark blue acetate options, while the gradient light blue type sells for $232. 

The remaining styles fall within this price range on Tiffany’s website. 

If you look around online (or in-store), however, you can find some different/additional Tiffany collections and price points available through other retailers.

Tiffany’s at Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut is known for selling designer sunglasses from a number of different retailers. In addition to the collections available at Tiffany’s, Sunglass Hut offers collections and designs that are not featured on the Tiffany & Co. website — for a total of 40 different sunglasses. 

Some of these options below are even available with polarized lenses:  

  • Tiffany Paper Flowers in square and cat eye frames

  • Diamond Point in pilot/aviator, cat eye and butterfly frames

  • Tiffany Victoria in rectangle and cat eye frames

  • Tiffany Aria in square frames only

  • Tiffany 1837 in irregular and phantos frames

  • Tiffany Cobblestone in rectangle frames only

  • Tiffany Metro in cat eye frames only

  • Tiffany Infinity in pilot/aviator and pillow frames

Along with additional collections and choices, Sunglass Hut also has an online tool that gives recommendations for the most flattering style for you based on the face shape that you select.

The Sunglass Hut price

The pricing at Sunglass Hut is comparable to Tiffany’s website, with their most expensive sunglasses retailing at $487. At the high end of their price range, you’ll find:

  • Tiffany Paper Flowers — Starting at $367 for the shades with blue lenses, this collection goes up to $487 if you opt for the gold lenses with gold metal hardware.

  • Tiffany T The Tiffany T collection also includes gold-on-gold sunglasses for $487, while the aviator-style frames are more affordable at $342. (Other frame styles in this line may also be available for less.)

Meanwhile, the least expensive Tiffany sunglasses include:

  • Tiffany Blue The pillow-shaped frames in this collection sell for $282, with no difference in price for lens color or hardware type.

  • Tiffany 1837 Regardless of frame shape, lens color or metal featured here, these sunglasses are also $282. 

Sunglass Hut is a great option for people who are looking for Tiffany & Co. sunglasses at more affordable prices. It’s also ideal for its large array of collections (rather than styles), with something to suit every taste. 

Tiffany at Macy’s

Macy’s is also a great option for those looking to save a little money on Tiffany & Co. sunglasses. 

On their website, they organize their Tiffany sunglasses by model number, rather than by the collections or styles available, but a quick search reveals that they do offer a variety of styles — 50 different options in total, some of which feature polarized lenses

Many of the lenses and frames on these sunglasses are offered in colors that are not typically available through Tiffany & Co. or Sunglass Hut. The sunglasses listed as TF4122 56, for example, are offered in spotted opal blue with brown gradient lenses.

If you’re looking for unique Tiffany & Co. sunglasses, Macy’s might be the right option for you. 

The Macy’s price

Macy’s has the most budget-friendly prices for these designer sunglasses — many of them are available at a sale price, so you can get Tiffany’s signature quality for even less.

While their most expensive sunglasses are $487, you can find some models on Macy’s website for around $120. Because of such discounts, Tiffany & Co. sunglasses tend to get snapped up quickly when there’s a sale. It’s a good idea to check often to keep track of pricing on your favorite pair(s).

Macy’s offers many bargains, making it an ideal retailer for those shopping for luxurious Tiffany sunglasses on a budget.

Tiffany’s at Nordstrom

Like Macy’s, Nordstrom is a large department store. They typically offer between 20 and 30 different styles of Tiffany sunglasses, with an inventory that’s comparable to that of Tiffany & Co. and Sunglass Hut. Some of these options include polarized lenses.

Nordstrom doesn’t list which collections they carry on their website, but they do list the frame styles and designs, including:

  • Aviator

  • Cat eye

  • Phantos

  • Butterfly

  • Round

  • Square

They also offer a few sunglasses from the Paper Flowers and Diamond Point collections. 

A tool on Nordstrom’s website lets you drag selected sunglasses onto a mannequin’s face — this can help you decide which types best suit your face shape. 

The Nordstrom price

The prices at upscale Nordstrom are comparable to both Tiffany and Sunglass Hut. 

The most expensive pair on the company’s website is the Tiffany & Co. polarized cat eye sunglasses, which retails for $479. These are slightly cheaper than the most expensive sunglasses sold by Sunglass Hut and Tiffany.

The least expensive Tiffany sunglasses — Tiffany & Co. gradient cat eye sunglasses in blue — are $282. 

While Nordstrom has a relatively wide price range for those shopping for Tiffany sunglasses, even the lowest-priced ones may feel like an investment. 

Tiffany sunglasses for men

Tiffany & Co. sunglasses designed specifically for men are more difficult to find. The good news is that many of Tiffany’s designs and collections — especially aviators — can be considered gender-neutral. 

One way to choose if any of these sunglasses are right for you is to research other designer brands for men, paying close attention to the frame shapes and styles. Back at the Tiffany website, you can then look for sunglasses with similar frames and styles that might be right for you.

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Other retailers

A few other retailers also sell Tiffany & Co. sunglasses, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Luxottica

  • LensCrafters

  • Solstice Sunglasses

  • Amazon

These other retailers offer some of the same styles and collections mentioned above. Customers can find the high-quality designer sunglasses for competitive prices. If shoppers need to broaden their search for sunglasses, these companies are a great place to start.

Know your options

When purchasing any designer accessory, it’s important to make sure it is perfect for you so it is worth the money spent. This goes for sunglasses, too. 

Luckily, Tiffany & Co. offers collections that are diverse enough to fit any style, taste and budget. Why not start your search for your favorites at one of the retailers mentioned above? 

You may find Tiffany sunglasses elsewhere at a lower price, though, so don’t be afraid to explore several retailers until you find exactly the right pair for you. 

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