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Guide to purchasing Ray-Ban prescription glasses

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When you hear “Ray-Ban,” do you imagine prescription glasses? If not, now’s the time to start. 

Ray-Ban first introduced their prescription lenses in 2003, but the trusted brand has actually been a leader in the eyewear industry for over 80 years, having produced top-tier sunglasses since the 1930s. 

The company is still committed to making high-quality, durable and stylish glasses (and yes, sunglasses), offering a wide variety of frame designs, materials and lens options to choose from — you’re sure to find the perfect pair of eye glasses for you.

Ray-Ban’s prescription glasses are a perfect choice for anyone looking for trendy specs that last. 

You can buy them online or at brick-and-mortar stores. Just be sure to have your most updated vision prescription on hand so you can shop with confidence, knowing you’re choosing the right Ray-Ban glasses for you.

How much do Ray-Ban prescription glasses cost?

As with any new purchase, it’s important to have a sense of your desired price range before starting your search for prescription Ray-Ban glasses. You don’t want to spend more than you have, but sometimes higher quality products come with steeper price tags. 

So, how much are prescription Ray-Ban glasses? The cost of frames generally ranges between $133 and $263, but if you have a tight budget, keep an eye out for sales and promotions on their website — you may find selected frames at a reduced price. 

You can also check to see if your insurance will cover a portion of your prescription glasses. This can help reduce costs and make your purchase much more affordable.

Ultimately, you may find that, despite your budget, Ray-Ban glasses are worth the investment, since they’re made of high-quality, durable materials that are meant to last.

Where to buy Ray-Ban prescription glasses

You can get Ray-Ban glasses at the brand’s brick-and-mortar stores or directly from the Ray-Ban website. Alternatively, you can check out local optical stores and other online retailers. 

Buying online is a popular option because it’s hassle-free and convenient to do in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is select your frames, add your prescription, then pay as you check out. 

Some benefits of buying Ray-Ban prescription glasses online include:

  • A larger variety of styles and designs to browse through

  • The ability to easily filter by color, design, cost or size

  • Convenient buying process

  • Quick delivery options

  • Easy comparison shopping via numerous retailers before your purchase

Buying glasses online can save you time and money, but there are some downsides to consider as well. When you purchase online, you might not have the chance to try on your glasses. It’s also harder to measure your pupillary distance by yourself, a calculation that’s required when ordering prescription glasses online.

Keep in mind that when you get new eyewear — whether online or in-person — you need a current glasses prescription.

Online vision tests are available that can help you determine your prescription. This option doesn’t evaluate your overall eye health or screen for diseases, however, so a visit to an eye doctor is recommended.

It’s also important to get a routine comprehensive eye exam every one or two years.

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Types of lenses

When it comes to prescription lens options, Ray-Ban offers two types: single-vision lenses and progressive lenses. 

Single-vision glasses correct vision for just one distance. Progressive glasses, on the other hand, contain your distance prescription at the top of the lenses and progressively shift to your reading prescription at the bottom of the lenses — that’s two prescriptions with one clean look (these have no visible lines, unlike bifocals). 

For both single-vision and progressive lenses, Ray-Ban offers a standard option and a premium one. 

  • The standard/standard thin lens option features glare-reduction and a water repellent finish. 

  • The premium/premium thin lens option features glare-reduction and a water repellent and smudge-resistant finish.  

Both of these options can keep your lenses protected and clear to best support your vision. The premium choice’s oil-resistant feature makes it especially useful for maintaining clean lenses, as they keep oils from your fingertips at bay.

Best Ray-Ban prescription glasses 

Made of high-quality materials — including metal, acetate and titanium — Ray-Ban’s prescription glasses are both comfortable and durable, easily withstanding everyday wear and tear. 

They’re also very fashionable, with an outstanding range of frame designs, shapes and colors to suit every style, taste and even budget. 

While it’s impossible to pick the “best” from Ray-Ban’s impeccable collections of prescription glasses, three classics stand out: the Aviator, the Wayfarer and the Clubmaster. 

Each of these popular frame styles has been adapted for prescription eyewear, adding high-quality lenses for maximum visual clarity — choose any of these timeless prescription glasses and you’re sure to look great as great as you feel.

  • Ray-Ban Aviator – Streamlined and lightweight, Aviators were originally designed to block excess glare for pilots during wartime. They were embraced by other military, followed by the general public. The iconic teardrop-shaped frames are made of metal and come in gold, silver, tortoise, black, rose gold and gunmetal, among other hues.

  • Ray-Ban Wayfarer – The updated version of Ray-Ban’s classic Wayfarer glasses feature the same well-known design as the original, only in a smaller frame with a softer eye shape (the Original Wayfarer is still available, as well). These famous frames are made of durable acetate. You can get them in black, tortoise and other classic shades. 

  • Ray-Ban ClubmasterClubmaster glasses were inspired by 1950s fashion. Today, they offer a refined retro look that works with any outfit. You can get them in black, tortoise, grey, red Havana — some models have up to 18 colors from which to choose!

What’s new in Ray-Ban prescription glasses frames?

Ray-Ban is well-known for their ubiquitous classics, but they have newer, trendy styles of prescription glasses too. These contemporary frames are undeniably unique, bringing style and flair to suit any taste. Some of their newer designs feature oversized frames while others have quirky shapes that prove that glasses can really make a fashion statement. 

  • Hexagonal Optics – These lightweight specs feature a minimalistic design. Although they are thin and light, they don’t compromise on strength or durability. With soft corners and a hexagonal shape, these glasses are elegant and polished. Made of metal, they come in gold, silver and black, along with other elegant shades.

  • Erika Optics – The Erika glasses can pair well with any look. With their oversized round shape, these glasses combine trendy design with Ray-Ban’s signature tasteful look. They also have a soft bridge that adds a slight twist. Whether you choose a solid or translucent version, vibrant color choices make these fun to style.

  • RB1780M Scuderia Ferrari Collection – Made from top-quality materials, this stylish model from the Scuderia Ferrari Eyewear Collection has an unusual look that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, strength or durability. Their sleek, slim temples have metal plate details. With colors like red, grey, blue and black in a matte finish, these specs truly stand out. Pair them with any outfit and they can instantly spruce up your look while allowing you to see clearly.

Caring for Ray-Ban glasses

Like all glasses, prescription Ray-Ban glasses should be cared for to maximize their effectiveness. Follow these tips to keep your specs clean and scratch-free so they can maintain the sparkling look they had when you first bought them.

Storing your glasses in their case 

When you’re not wearing them, your prescription glasses should be safely kept inside an enclosed case to prevent them from being accidentally damaged. If you rest your glasses on the top of your head or clip them to the front of your shirt, they are prone to scratches and damage. 

Ideally, your glasses should be kept in a case that is clean and dry. This is perhaps the best way to prevent any damage, scratches and smudges on your glasses.

Cleaning your glasses with a microfiber cloth 

Looking through lenses with fingerprints and oily smudges will make your vision appear blurry and foggy, so it’s important to regularly clean your glasses. 

When you clean your glasses, avoid materials like cotton, which may scratch your lenses, or paper towels, which can leave behind residue. Instead, use a microfiber cloth. 

Cleaning your lenses keeps away fingerprints so they stay clean and clear. 

You can also use an optical cleaner on your glasses to help keep them sparkling. Just spray the lenses and gently wipe, making sure not to miss any corners. 

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