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Justin Romack, Content Writer

Expertise: Vision loss, equitable access

Justin Romack is a content writer for All About Vision. The bald head and beard may give off tough guy vibes, but you can bet money he’ll be the first to tear up at a Pixar movie.

After learning to read in the dark in the second grade, Justin eventually lost all his eyesight in his mid-20s following 90 eye surgeries, multiple retinal detachments and many other conditions along the way. Blindness is not a barrier, though, because he knows it's the very thing that's made him such a strong leader and communicator.

Justin has a bachelor's degree in public relations and speech communication theory from Stephen F. Austin State University, and he’s currently pursuing his master's in educational administration at Texas A&M University. He also advises college students and campus partners on assistive technology and ways to equip disabled people with tools to promote equitable access. 

When Justin's not working, you'll find him behind a drum kit, building a website, lifting weights or chasing his kids (which is his favorite gig of all).

Learn more about Justin Romack here.

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