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FAQ: Can I change my FSA annual contribution?

You can make a change to your flexible spending account (FSA) contributions during your annual open enrollment or at the time of a qualifying event (as allowed by your employer).

The most common qualifying events include:

  • Change in marital status such as marriage, divorce or the death of a spouse

  • Birth/adoption of a child

  • Change in employment that affects eligibility or coverage

  • Change in residence or change in cost of coverage (restricted to Dependent Care FSA changes)

The IRS requires that any contribution changes made outside open enrollment coincide with an eligible change in status as a result of a qualifying event. All changes must follow IRS guidelines and require supporting documentation.

However, not all employers allow mid-year changes to your FSA. Notify your account administrator within 30 days of your qualifying event to confirm whether you're allowed to make a change.

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