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Quay glasses: A guide for blue light and prescription lenses

couple outdoors wearing Quay sunglasses

Quay (pronounced KEY) sunglasses have become every Instagram influencer’s go-to brand for UV protection. The playful yet functional shades make it easy to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays while rocking trendy, celebrity-level frames. 

Originally focused on sunglasses, Quay has broadened its inventory by developing blue light glasses and prescription lenses. This expansion makes it possible to keep the eyewear party going, even when you’re not in the sun. 

Quay Australia: The company behind the glasses

Quay Australia is an eyewear brand that began in 2004. Based in San Francisco, California, Quay started as a roadside shop for festival-goers who wanted sunnies that made a bold, colorful statement.

Since then, the company has gained global recognition for providing quality, UV-protective lenses in fun, daring frames. They’ve also expanded their collection to include non-prescription blue light glasses as well as prescription eyeglasses for those who require vision correction.

Besides selling cool eyewear, Quay Australia is dedicated to giving back to charities and causes they feel passionate about. They are currently partnered with Feeding America and The Trevor Project to provide resources for those in need.

Benefits of buying Quay glasses

There are many benefits to purchasing a pair of Quay glasses. The number of style options, colors and designs make it possible for anyone to find the most flattering glasses for their face shape, skin tone and personal style.

Another benefit is that the company provides a quality product. Their prescription lenses filter blue light emitted by digital screens as well as UVA/UVB rays emitted by the sun.

While the quality of Quay’s glasses is top-notch, the prices are reasonable enough to satisfy almost any budget. The price of blue light glasses ranges from $39 on their clearance page, to $65 for the hottest, newest styles. Quay prescription glasses are a flat $95 with single vision lenses.

In addition to receiving a cool pair of quality specs, customers can rest easy knowing that they’re supporting a company with a cause. Quay regularly donates to various charities and organizations — you can be part of that.

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Quay blue light glasses

Quay blue light glasses provide a solution for all the screen junkies out there. Blue light lenses have a special coating on them that filters out the blue light emitted from your computer, tablet, smartphone or other digital device. These glasses are sometimes called blue light-blocking glasses or just blue blockers, but it is more accurate to say that they filter blue light.

The Quay lenses are also equipped with 100% UVA/UVB protection, making them a great choice even while outside.

Style options for blue light glasses include everything from quirky, star-accented frames, to subtle, clear plastic frames. The frames are furnished with clear lenses — meaning they don’t have a prescription — which makes them perfect for people who want to filter blue light but don’t require vision correction.

Need a little help reading the fine print on your phone? Quay has reading glasses with blue light lenses. The reading glasses offer minor vision correction for close-up tasks such as reading or scrolling through your social media feed. Quay readers come in several styles with a magnification range of +0.5 to +2.0.

Quay prescription lenses

Quay has started offering prescription lenses in their famous frames. For just $95, you can choose select frames from Quay’s blue light collection and have your prescription applied to the lenses. 

Lens features include:

  • Anti-reflective, scratch and smudge-resistant coatings.

  • Blue light filtering technology.

  • 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Prescription glasses can be purchased through a participating Quay store and be delivered to your home. You can also order them from the Quay website, where you can get a 15-minute virtual consultation with a Quay specialist.

To place an order for prescription glasses, you should get an eye exam first so you have a valid, up-to-date vision prescription from an eye doctor. Your prescription must also fall within Quay’s required strength scale: single vision +4 to -6 and astigmatism cylinder value (CYL) of +/-4.

Where to buy Quay glasses

Quay glasses can easily be ordered from Amazon, or the Quay Australia website, where all style options are available along with a virtual try-on feature. The website often offers discounts when you buy two or more items and has free shipping on orders of $50 or more. 

As far as brick-and-mortar store locations, Quay’s accessibility is somewhat limited. According to the store locator page, there are only 14 locations in the U.S. — half of which are in California.  

Certain department stores such as Nordstrom or Dillard’s may carry Quay glasses; however, in-store inventory is not guaranteed. So, while there are options to buy Quay glasses in a store, your best bet is probably to visit their website.

Quay makes it easy to express your unique style while meeting your vision needs. Visit them online or in one of their locations and find your perfect specs today!

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