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Foster Grant: The original American sunglass brand

couple on beach wearing Foster Grant sunglasses

Foster Grant sunglasses were born during the Hollywood heyday of the late 1920s with an iconic ad campaign suggesting anyone behind a pair of Foster Grant shades just might be a movie star.

Foster Grant is an eyewear brand founded more than 90 years ago and known for its trendy yet affordable sunglasses. Not only is Foster Grant widely recognized across the U.S. as a classic sunglass brand, the brand’s tagline is: The Original American Sunglass Brand. 

About Foster Grant 

Foster Grant got its start in 1929 when company founder Sam Foster started selling sunglasses to beachgoers along the Atlantic City boardwalk. The company quickly grew, and movie stars were soon sporting the brand’s sunglasses. 

Foster Grant sunglasses “epitomized effortless chic during the golden era of American film.”

An ad campaign starring actress Raquel Welch, with the slogan, “Who’s That Behind Those Foster Grants?” made a huge splash. Subsequent ads with the same slogan starred Hollywood royalty from Peter Sellers to Mia Farrow and remained popular through the 1960s and 70s. 

In fact, the campaign was eventually chosen by Ad Age as one of the “Top 100 Campaigns of the 20th Century.”

In addition to sunglasses, Foster Grant includes accessories, blue light glasses and reading glasses. The company sums up Foster Grant style as:

  • Contemporary

  • Fresh

  • On trend

The brand also describes its look as “real style...effortlessly fashion-forward, yet personal and unpretentious.”

Foster Grant is the top-ranked U.S. sunglasses seller based on the number of pairs sold.

Foster Grant sunglasses

Foster Grant shades blend style, quality and, most importantly, UV protection

All Foster Grant sunglasses include:

Foster Grant sunglasses also boast “innovative features, such as memory metal technology, spring hinges and lightweight titanium.” 

Types of Foster Grant sunglasses

Foster Grant offers men’s, women’s and unisex sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, plus fit-over and clip-on shades that attach to or can be worn over prescription or reading glasses.

You’ll find many styles, shapes and colors of sunglasses within these categories.

Foster Grant men’s sunglasses

Foster Grant’s array of men’s styles include polarized shades, men’s driving sunglasses and Ironman sunglasses designed for active lifestyles and sports.

A few top styles include:

  • Foster Grant Starter – Starter polarized sunglasses feature a wraparound style made from a rubberized material designed to stay put during sports. The semi-rimless Ironman style is made from black metal and plastic with gray lenses.

  • Foster Grant Tracker – Tracker polarized sunglasses sport black metal rectangular full frames with gray lenses. They also filter blue light.

Foster Grant has many other styles of men’s sunglasses with plastic and metal frames, as well as polarized and non-polarized lenses. Frame colors include tortoise, silver and gold with rainbow mirrored lenses.

Foster Grant women’s sunglasses

Foster Grant’s women’s shades are recognized as “fashion-forward styles inspired by the latest trends,” including oversized frames and polarized lenses in a variety of shapes and colors.

A few top styles include:

  • Foster Grant Juliet – Juliet polarized sunglasses have a “classic movie star vibe” and feature rectangular plastic tortoise frames.

  • Foster Grant Elsie – Elsie sunglasses feature rose gold round metal full frames with rosy pink lenses. 

Foster Grant offers many other styles of women’s sunglasses, including polarized and non-polarized styles in a variety of shapes, including aviator, butterfly, cat-eye, shield, square and wraparound. 

Color choices include black, pink, gold and silver along with patterns such as floral and red leopard. You can also get designer Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant sunglasses.

Foster Grant kids’ sunglasses

Foster Grant makes children’s sunglasses to protect the eyes of the youngest members of the family. Foster Grant kids’ sunglasses come in “fun, comfortable and lightweight designs.”

You can buy themed Marvel Avengers and Marvel Spiderman kids’ sunglasses. Other popular kids styles include Juniper, which are aviators with rainbow mirrored lenses, and Yasmin, with oversized silver and white square frames.

Foster Grant clip-on and fit-over sunglasses

Already wear prescription eyeglasses or readers? Foster Grant makes different styles of clip-on sunglasses as well as fit-over styles you can wear in combination with your glasses. As the name suggests, clip-ons clip to your existing glasses, while fit-overs can be worn alone or over another pair of glasses. 

One popular style is the unisex Athleisure fit-over sunglasses with rectangular plastic frames. They have polarized lenses and come in four different color options, including floral and purple tortoise.

If you’re looking for Foster Grant clip-on or fit-over sunglasses, there are dozens of options for an affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses.

Where to buy Foster Grant sunglasses

You can buy men’s, women’s and kids’ Foster Grant sunglasses at You can shop by gender, style or usage — for example, day or night driving or sports, such as boating or skiing. 

You also can buy Foster Grant sunglasses online or in person at more than 45 grocery stores, pharmacies and other retailers. Authorized Foster Grant retailers include:

  • Albertsons

  • CVS

  • Food Lion

  • Kroger

  • Pilot

  • Publix

  • Rite Aid

  • Target

  • Tractor Supply Co.

  • Walgreens

  • Walmart 

Buying Foster Grant sunglasses online may offer convenience and a wider selection, but buying in person allows you to try them on to check fit, color and style.

Discounts on Foster Grant sunglasses

How much do Foster Grant sunglasses cost? Foster Grant eyewear is designed to fit a range of budgets, and many styles cost less than $35. Plus, coupon codes, discounts and sales are available regularly.

To get Foster Grant sunglasses for less:

  • Check the website for coupon codes. Foster Grant offers promo codes, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals and free shipping promotions. When you visit the site, you may see a pop-up offer.

  • Join the Foster Grant rewards program. Foster Grant offers a rewards program that gives discounts to loyal customers. For every dollar you spend, you get 25 cents in reward dollars to use for future purchases.

Because Foster Grant sunglasses are so affordable, you might even consider buying a spare pair to use if you lose or break your favorite pair. It’s important to wear sunglasses regularly to protect your eyes from UV rays, so it can’t hurt to have a backup just in case.

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