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9 of the best Oakley sunglasses in 2024

Oakley sunglasses on retail rack

Oakley sunglasses for every sport and activity

Oakley is one of the most recognizable brands in active and sport sunglasses. You'll find its signature oval logo near the temples of professional athletes all over the world. But Oakley shades are just as popular among the not-so-famous too.

The runners and cyclists you just drove past? At least one or two of them were probably wearing a pair of Oakleys.

Oakley's selection of frame and lens styles is enormous. As of 2024, their site boasts more than 220 style variations. So we scoured customer reviews, social media posts and product comparisons to hand-pick the best Oakley sunglasses for each activity.

Best Oakley sunglasses for everyday use: Frogskins

You might say that Frogskins are Oakley's alternative to Ray-Ban Wayfarers — a throwback style with an all-plastic frame that works with casual attire as well as it does with formalwear.

Frogskins feature a universally popular vintage shape, along with a keyhole nose bridge for extra comfort. Like our other featured styles, Frogskins are available in multiple frame colors, lens colors and lens features.

Oakley.com, starting at $114

Best Oakley sunglasses for golf: Mainlink XL

The Mainlink XL blends a casual style with a secure, swing-friendly fit that suits weekend warriors and golf pros alike. The XL lenses add extra coverage for sun and wind protection. Compared to the standard Mainlink style, Mainlink XL adds about 4mm of lens width and 2mm of lens height.

Oakley Radarlock is a runner-up in the golf category, since Hideki Matsuyama wore a custom pair on his way to a 2021 Masters green jacket. After all, looking like a Masters winner will shave at least 10 strokes off your game. That has been proven, hasn't it?

Oakley.com, $189

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Best Oakley sunglasses for running: EVZero Blades

EVZero Blades take inspiration from Oakley's famous RazorBlade style for a sleek look with a ton of lens coverage — all without the top rim. The angular lenses cover all the right parts of your vision, and the only hints of a frame are at the temples and nose rest.

The EVZero Blades, like similar Oakley frames, use the company's patented Unobtainium material where the glasses come into contact with the nose and ears to keep them secured to your face. 

The result is one grippy, feather-light pair of running sunglasses.

Oakley.com, $189

Best Oakley sunglasses for baseball: Radar EV Pitch

Sunglasses without bottom rims have made their presence known in baseball over the past couple decades. The Radar EV Pitch holds true with a single lens that's rimless on the bottom and longer on the sides for better peripheral vision coverage.

The top part of the frame extends directly from the temples, where Unobtainium material again improves grip around the ears.

This rendition of the Radar line can be outfitted with Prizm Field lenses, which Oakley says helps players track fly balls and react more quickly to ground balls.

Oakley.com, $212

Best Oakley sunglasses for cycling: Sutro Lite

Sutro Lites feature the tallest lenses in the bunch, and for good reason. Measuring in at 58mm (about 2.25 inches) from top to bottom, the extra height mostly sits above the eyes, bolstering your defenses against sunlight, wind, rain and stray bugs.

Unobtanium makes another appearance along the ears and nose, and is also added along the inside of each temple arm for extra holding power on bumpy roads.

As with Radars, you can equip Sutro Lites with sport-specific options like Prizm Road lenses. Oakley says Road lenses help cyclists spot hazards and road signs more easily, in addition to improving the overall riding experience with more vibrant colors.

Oakley.com, $189

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Best Oakley sunglasses for mountain biking: Jawbreaker (with Prizm lenses)

In contrast to rimless or partial-rim frame designs, Jawbreakers have a thick full frame around their single lenses. Optional Prizm Trail Torch lenses help wearers see dirt transitions and obstacles more clearly, Oakley says.

Jawbreaker's Switchlock technology makes its lens easy to change out with a new one. This is a handy, money-saving feature when it comes to the wear and tear of mountain biking.

Oakley.com, $234

Best Oakley sunglasses for fishing: Split Shot (with Prizm lenses)

In the fishing world, Split Shots are the stuff of eyewear legends. The full-framed sunglasses provide complete coverage against the sun and wind from above, below and around the sides.

A behind-the-neck leash is a must for any water-related activities, but you won't need it once you're back on solid ground. Split Shot's tough, stainless steel leash can be easily detached and reattached to the end of each earpiece.

Split Shots can be outfitted with a few different Prizm lens styles, including two built specifically for fishing environments. Prizm Shallow Water and Prizm Deep Water are just what they sound like: Two polarized lens styles that cut through glare on the water's surface.

Oakley.com, starting at $201

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Best Oakley sunglasses for sailing: Holbrook (with Prizm lenses)

Holbrook is one of Oakley's most popular and recognizable sets of shades, year in and year out. It has a versatile, timeless design that combines the function of sport sunglasses with the style of everyday sunglasses.

The lightweight O Matter frame material and maritime-friendly visuals make Holbrook a no-brainer for sailing.

You can pick up Holbrooks with one of several lens options, including Oakley's Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses, to help reduce glare and keep your vision clear when you’re out on the open water.

Oakley.com, starting at $167

Best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding: Plazma

Plazma takes the full-rimmed protection of Jawbreaker to the next level. The jagged design juts out at strategic points along the frame — an extra safeguard against impact.

The black-frame, black-lens combination will suit most bikers, but the stylistically inclined can choose from several other frame and lens colors.

Plazmas can also be equipped with Prizm Road lenses, or photochromic lenses that automatically darken in the sunlight.

After all, what's better than sunglasses you can wear around the clock?

Oakley.com, $169

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