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8 best cycling sunglasses in 2024

woman wearing cycling sunglasses on her bicycle next to the ocean

What are the best cycling sunglasses in 2024?

The best cycling sunglasses for you will depend on what kind of cycling you do, what features you’re looking for and your budget. Consider our list of the best sunglasses for cycling in 2024, broken into eight different categories. There’s a style for you whether you’re into budget cycling, road cycling or any other type of cycling. Some even come with interchangeable lenses.

Best cycling sunglasses

1. Oakley Radar EV Path

These Oakley Radar EV Path cycling sunglasses are a prime pick for any cyclist. They are available in 23 frame color and lens color choices. They also offer the option to get photochromic lenses

Among the lens options are six that are ideal for road cycling and one that’s made just for trail riding.

Cost: Starting at $182

Key features:

  • Available with Oakley Prizm lens technology for sharper contrast, color and detail

  • Taller lens for larger field of view and better peripheral vision

  • Comfortable, lightweight frames made from Oakley “O Matter” material

  • Ear socks and nose pads that increase grip when you sweat

  • Can be purchased with polarized lenses

  • Come with a hard case for protection

Any serious cyclist would do well to protect their eyes with this pick for best cycling sunglasses in 2024.

Best women’s cycling sunglasses

2. Rudy Project Rydon Slim

These Rudy Project Rydon Slim sunglasses are a top contender for best women’s cycling sunglasses based on features, performance and style. They offer a slim design with 16 lens and frame color options for cycling in style. 

These options include white gloss frames with gold lenses, navy matte frames with blue lenses and dark gray frames with green lenses. You can also get these sunglasses with photochromic lenses.

Cost: Starting at $209.99 

Key features:

  • Slim design

  • Anti-slip nose pads and temples

  • Interchangeable lenses

  • Available with prescription lenses

  • Come with a protective case

The sleek design, array of frame and lens options, and sporty features make these women’s sunglasses a perfect choice for female cyclists.

Best polarized cycling sunglasses

3. Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL

The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL classic cycling sunglasses offer four style options with polarized lenses. These choices include polished black frames with black Iridium polarized lenses, matte black frames with Prizm black polarized lenses and polished white frames with Prizm black polarized lenses. 

Cost: Starting at $175 (with polarized lenses)

Key features:

  • Lightweight Oakley “O Matter” frames

  • Earsocks and nose pads that grip more tightly when you sweat

  • Interchangeable lenses

  • Multiple polarized lens options

  • Available with Oakley Prizm lenses for crisp color and contrast

These classic performance sunglasses are an excellent choice for cyclists seeking shades with polarized lenses.

Best budget sunglasses for cycling

4. Foster Grant Ironman IM2003 Metallic

These Foster Grant Ironman IM2003 Metallic sunglasses are a great option for cyclists on a tight budget. They’re also ideal for those who prefer multiple pairs of cycling sunglasses and don’t want to break the bank. They sport a semi-rimless style and are available in one color option that goes with everything: black.

Cost: Starting at $20.95

Key features:

  • 100% UVA/UVB protection

  • Mirrored lenses

  • Adjustable nose pads

  • Rubberized nose pads and temple tips for a snug fit

These basic, affordable sunglasses are comfortable, sporty and appropriate for any type of cycling.

Best prescription sunglasses for cycling

5. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL cycling sunglasses are a number one pick for best prescription sunglasses for cycling. They’re lightweight with classic styling and the ability to opt for prescription lenses. 

These sunglasses are customizable, with 29 frame and lens options. There are two lens types specifically suited for mountain biking and three lens options that are designed for road cycling.

Cost: Starting at $444 with prescription lenses

Key features:

  • Available with single vision or progressive prescription lenses

  • Lightweight frame made of proprietary “O Matter” material

  • High-definition optics to maximize peripheral vision

  • Earsocks and nose pads designed to enhance comfort

  • Wide range of color and lens choices for cycling

If you need prescription lenses, it’s hard to beat these Oakley cycling sunglasses for performance, style and versatility.

Best photochromic cycling sunglasses

6. Bollé Lightshifter

These Bollé Lightshifter semi-rimless sunglasses are stylish, ideal for cycling and come in nine frame color and lens combinations. Frame colors include matte black, matte white, bright pink and neon yellow. 

This medium-sized style offers a lighter version of Bolle’s popular Shifter photochromic cycling shades.

Cost: Starting at $140

Key features:

  • Adjustable nose piece

  • Hydrophilic technology for a better grip when you sweat

  • S-curve temples that work well with bike helmets

  • “Bollé Phantom” lenses adapt to all light conditions with enhanced clarity

  • Vented lenses offer comfort and prevent fogging

These photochromic cycling sunglasses are lightweight, stylish, practical and designed for all types of cycling.

Best road cycling sunglasses

7. Oakley Jawbreaker

These Oakley Jawbreaker cycling sunglasses stand out as the best road cycling shades of the year. You can choose from among seven frame color and lens options. And many lenses are designed specifically for road cycling. 

Frame choices include matte black, polished white and dark gray. Interchangeable lens options include black Oakley Prizm Road and green–purple Oakley Prizm Road Jade lenses. 

But these sunglasses aren’t just for road cycling: They’re also available with one lens option designed for biking on trails.

Cost: Starting at $214

Key features:

  • Designed with “surge ports” for airflow and cooling on the road

  • Lightweight Oakley “O Matter” frames for maximum comfort

  • Prizm lens options provide better color vision and contrast

  • Lens options also include polarized lenses

  • Switchlock lens technology allows you to easily switch lenses

  • Unobtainium technology prevents slipping when you sweat

Serious road cyclers should definitely consider these top sunglasses for road cycling for their lens options designed just for the road. Plus, they feature an array of features that enhance comfort and performance.

Best cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses

8. Smith Attack MAG MTB

These Smith Attack MAG MTB sunglasses offer large lenses for maximum coverage. They are also available in a variety of frame–lens options with interchangeable lenses. 

Frame color options include black, matte black, matte white, jade and red. Lens options include black, bronze mirror, blue mirror, green mirror, violet mirror and photochromic clear to gray lenses. 

Smith Attack shades are a great choice for cyclists looking for versatility and the ability to swap out lenses for different light conditions or types of cycling.

Cost: Starting at $207.20

Key features:

  • “ChromaPop” lens technology offers enhanced color, contrast and detail

  • Lens coating for resistance to dirt, smudges and moisture

  • Adjustable nose pads for comfort and fit

  • Ultra lightweight frames

  • Smith MAG interchangeable lens technology for quick swaps

  • Includes bonus amber lenses for low light conditions

Cyclists looking for cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses should consider this style for its interchangeable lens technology and high-performance features.

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