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6 best sport sunglasses for men in 2024

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Why wear sports sunglasses?

Whether you’re on the trail, the court, the golf course or the open road, you need a good pair of sport sunglasses. They are key to shielding your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Choose sport sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection and are comfortable, lightweight and durable. 

Sport sunglasses can be pricey, but it’s worth paying for quality. Keep an eye out for features like polarization and impact-resistant lenses for performance and eye safety.

Check out our roundup of top picks for the best sport sunglasses for men in 2024. 

Best sport sunglasses for men: Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL

If you play a variety of sports, it’s a good idea to choose a pair of versatile men’s sports sunglasses that can take you from the trails to the court to the beach.

These Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL men’s sunglasses combine the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 frame design with bigger lenses. These sport sunglasses are perfect for cycling, golf, hiking or just relaxing in between games, rounds or matches. 

The Half Jacket 2.0 XL sunglasses are designed to accommodate a variety of lenses that can be easily swapped out. You can choose polarized lenses or lenses made for golf, cycling, running or water sports

There are three frame color options: polished black, matte black or polished white.

Cost: Starting at $145


  • Lightweight frame with metal accents

  • Interchangeable lenses

  • Lens choices include polarized lenses and Oakley iridium lenses, designed to minimize glare 

  • Can be fitted with prescription lenses

  • Earsocks and nose pads that provide comfort and help your shades stay put 

If you need sport sunglasses that can adapt to your active lifestyle for a variety of sports, these Oakley sunglasses are a great choice.

Best running sunglasses for men: Oakley Radar EV Path

The Oakley Radar EV Path sport sunglasses are great for running on roads, trails or anywhere else you want to go.

These men’s sport sunglasses are ultra lightweight and come in 21 different color and lens options, including 15 Prizm lens colors

Oakley’s “exclusive Prizm lens technology” is designed to filter glare and allow you to see color, contrast and details better. You can choose Prizm road lenses or Prizm trail lenses, both ideal for running.

Cost: Starting at $192


  • Lightweight O Matter frame material, a nylon composite that is twice as strong as acetate and 25% lighter

  • 15 Prizm lens options, also available with polarized or iridium lenses

  • Impact-resistant lenses tested under high mass and velocity conditions

  • Unobtainium earsocks and nose pads, which increase grip when you sweat

  • Can be fitted with prescription lenses

  • Come with a protective case

The Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses are some of the best running sunglasses for men, especially when you choose Prizm Road or Prizm Trail lenses.

Best cycling sunglasses for men: Oakley Sutro

The Oakley Sutro cycling sunglasses for men offer plenty of lens coverage for a better view. They also feature a wrap style and lenses that are ideal for road racing, mountain biking or urban cycling. 

Oakley Sutro sunglasses come in 19 frame and lens options, including Prizm road and Prizm trail lens choices.

Cost: $178


  • Lightweight O Matter frames

  • Oakley Prizm lenses increase contrast, sharpen detail and enhance color

  • Impact-resistant lenses tested with high mass and velocity

  • Nose Pads increase grip when you sweat for a secure fit while cycling

  • Style offers a large field of view ideal for bicycling

The Oakley Sutro sunglasses are some of the best cycling sunglasses for men because they were designed with cyclers in mind.

Best driving sunglasses for men: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

Ray-Ban Aviators got their start as eyewear for pilots, helping to reduce glare so pilots could see clearly while behind the controls of a plane. For the same reasons, they’re ideal for driving.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses are classic for a reason. Not only are they sustainably stylish, they make excellent driving sunglasses for men. They come in 11 color options, and you can get them with polarized lenses for crisp vision on the road.

Cost: Starting at $163


  • Metal frames

  • Lightweight

  • 100% UV protection

  • Lens colors include brown, green and G-15 polarized

  • Glass lenses

  • Available as prescription sunglasses

  • Come with a case and cleaning cloth

If you need a lightweight, stylish pair of glasses to slip on when you take the wheel, it’s hard to do better than the Ray-Ban Aviator Classics.

Best motorcycle sunglasses for men: Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses

The Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses were designed according to race car driver Dale Earnhardt’s specification. And they’re also increasingly popular as motorcycle sunglasses. 

Dirty Mo shades feature a wrap design with ultra lightweight and flexible frames. They are available in more than 10 frame and lens color combinations.

Cost: Starting at $130


  • Lightweight frame material offers strength and flexibility

  • Robust five-barrel hinges for durability

  • Performance polycarbonate lenses

  • Available with HappyLens or Trident polarization to enhance color and contrast

  • 100% UV protection

  • Snug, comfortable fit for hours on the road

Dirty Mo sunglasses are some of the best motorcycle sunglasses. Bikers love the comfortable fit, durability, lens options and great reviews from motorcycle riders.

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Best cheap sport sunglasses for men: Foster Grant Excursion

Do you always lose or break your expensive sunglasses? Or do you just prefer a cheap pair of sport sunglasses to throw on for a pickup game of basketball or an afternoon of bocce ball in the backyard? Either way, you may want to consider Foster Grant Excursion sunglasses, a top pick for the best cheap sport sunglasses for men.

These sunglasses won’t break your budget, and they offer comfort with a sporty design. They are sold in black with smoke gray mirrored lenses.

Cost: $30.95


Despite the low price point, these men’s sport sunglasses get great reviews across the board for comfort, style and durability.

Thinking about getting one of these styles of sport sunglasses with prescription lenses? Make an appointment with your eye doctor to get an eye exam and updated prescription. Then you can order your new sunglasses right away.

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