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8 best sunglasses for skiing in 2023

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What are the best sunglasses for skiing in 2023?

Whether you're hitting the slopes or walking around the ski resort, it’s important to have the right eyewear. A pair of ski sunglasses is a great option for the time you’re around snow but aren’t actually out on the slopes — when your main concern is glare. 

When you’re skiing or snowboarding, a quality pair of ski goggles can help protect your eyes from snow and debris. Both ski goggles and sunglasses should provide 100% UV protection and shield your eyes from the glare of sun reflecting off the snow. 

Finding the best sunglasses for skiing

Snow goggles fit closely to your face with an elastic strap to help protect your eyes from the sun, wind, debris and mishaps during your big ski adventures. 

But you also need to protect your eyes from the sun when you’re enjoying downtime, from low-impact winter activities to shopping in the village and après ski time with friends.

When you choose sunglasses for skiing, look for these features:

  • A wrapped shape to better protect your eyes from the sun, flying ice and snow

  • Lenses made from polycarbonate or other impact-resistant materials

  • 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun

  • Adjustable rubber earsocks and nose pieces for comfort and safety

Here are some recommendations for the best ski sunglasses to wear when you're taking a break from the slopes:

Best sunglasses for snow skiing

1. Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Snow

The Radar EV Path Prizm Snow sunglasses for skiing combine the classic Radar EV Path model with Prizm Snow lenses designed to help you see clearly in snowy, sunny and cloudy conditions. They come in matte black frames with Prizm Snow Torch or Prizm Snow Sapphire lenses.

Cost: starting at $205


  • Extended range of view

  • Lightweight frames

  • Earsocks and nose pads for comfort

  • Polarized lens options

  • Rimless lower lens allows for fuller view of snow and terrain

  • Prizm lenses enhance color contrast and detail

  • Available with prescription lenses

The Radar EV Path Prizm Snow is part of the Oakley Snow Collection that also includes ski apparel, helmets, snow goggles and accessories for everyone who loves snow sports.

Best cross-country ski sunglasses

2. Julbo Aero and Aerolite

Julbo Aero and Julbo Aerolite ski sunglasses are best-suited for men and women with smaller faces. With the "light as air" tagline, they’re a good choice for long cross-country ski trips because they won’t weigh you down. 

They’re designed to give you a wide view of the terrain without fogging up when you sweat. The Aero and Aerolite come in a variety of sporty color combinations, including blue frames with blue lenses and pink frames with gold lenses.

Cost: starting at $129.95 (price varies based on model and color)


  • Adjustable nose pads for a snug fit

  • Lenses with panoramic views 

  • Shock-resistant polycarbonate lenses

  • Soft temples for comfort and superior grip

  • Shock absorbers in the temples

  • Available with photochromic lenses that change based on light conditions

The ventilation system on the Aero and Aerolite models makes them extra special. By allowing for maximum air flow between the frame and the lens, fogging is almost completely prevented.

Best ski touring sunglasses

3. Oakley Split Shot

The Oakley Split Shot has a sharp, classic look perfect for the time you spend skiing away from the resort. These sunglasses get good reviews and come in 12 frame-and-lens color combinations, including a matte tortoise frame with Prizm Tungsten Polarized lenses and a matte translucent blue frame with Prizm Sapphire Polarized lenses.

Cost: starting at $181


  • Polarized lenses (in all but two styles) to reduce glare

  • Lightweight frames

  • Impact-resistant

  • No-slip nose pad increases grip when you sweat

  • Wrap frame style

  • 100% UV protection

  • Available with prescription lenses

By enhancing color contrast and detail in a variety of lighting and weather conditions, Oakley Prizm lenses offer maximum protection during snow and water sports.

Best ladies' ski sunglasses

4. Bliz Fusion Nano Optics Nordic Light

The ultra-chic Bliz Fusion ski sunglasses feature vision-enhancing lens technology and Jawbone, an adjustable rim on the lower lens. The Jawbone can be removed for a wider field of view or added for an added touch of style. 

They're reasonably priced, and they come in four fun lens-and-frame color combinations including: matte black frames with orange and blue multicolor lenses; turquoise frames with violet and blue multicolor lenses; and neon pink frames with purple lenses.

Cost: $119.95


  • Anti-fog lenses

  • Large lenses to maximize field of view

  • Nordic Light lens tech for visual clarity in snowy, variable-light conditions  

  • Lightweight and flexible

  • Adjustable rubber temple tips and nose pad

  • Made from materials designed for extreme temperatures

  • 100% UV protection

The Bliz Nordic Light lens technology blocks certain color wavelengths for crisp vision, even when snow, lighting conditions and other factors create low visibility. 

Best men's ski sunglasses

5. Oakley Clifden

The Oakley Clifden gets top pick for best men's ski sunglasses due to their versatility, face protection, style, great reviews and array of color options. The unique steampunk look is especially striking.

These sunglasses for skiing come in five color choices, including matte black frames with Prizm Snow Torch lenses; polished black frames with Prizm Snow Sapphire lenses; and matte black frames with Prizm Snow Black Iridium lenses.

Cost: starting at $212


  • Removable bridge blocker to protect your face and block glare

  • Removable side shields to protect your eyes and block glare

  • No-slip nose pads to keep sunglasses in place when you sweat

  • Coated woven-steel leash to wear glasses around your neck

  • Available with Prizm Snow or polarized lenses

The Clifden is available with Oakley Prizm Snow lenses, which were designed to enhance visuals in snowy conditions. They make it easier to spot changes in terrain even in varying light and weather conditions.

Best cheap sunglasses for skiing

6. Foster Grant Strong

Looking for an affordable pair of sunglasses for skiing? The Foster Grant Strong sunglasses for skiing get good reviews and check all the boxes: stylish, polarized and sporty. Plus, they’ll leave extra cash in your pocket for a nice dinner at the ski lodge.

Cost: $30.95


  • Polarized

  • 100% UV protection

  • Scratch-resistant lenses

  • Wrap style

  • Impact-resistant

  • Rubber nose pads

  • Blue light filtering

The lenses on the Strong are unmagnified, so a prescription cannot be added. However, that won’t stop them from neutralizing the bright glare coming off the snow as you ski.

Best polarized sunglasses for skiing

7. Costa Rincon

The polarized Costa Rincon sunglasses are designed for use in bright conditions to minimize glare, so they're great for wearing around the ski resort on a sunny day. These sunglasses are stylish, oversized and work for men or women. 

They come with your choice of glass or polycarbonate lenses, and you'll definitely want to choose the polycarbonate option for skiing. Costa Rincon sunglasses come in several frame color options, including matte black, gray and tortoise.

Cost: starting at $247


  • Polarized

  • Option to choose impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses

  • Scratch-resistant coating on lenses

  • Durable frames

  • 100% UV protection

  • Made from castor plant bio-based resin

  • Available with prescription lenses 

These versatile sunglasses easily transition from the slopes to the water for boating, surfing and adventures galore.

Best prescription sunglasses for skiing

8. Oakley Flak Jacket

The classic Oakley Flak Jacket performance sunglasses get top reviews and can be fitted with prescription lenses. Their quality and versatility make them a top choice as the best prescription sunglasses for skiing. They come in classic black.

Cost: starting at $179 (does not include the cost of prescription lenses)


  • Classic sporty style

  • Lightweight frame

  • Secure fit

  • Impact protection

These glasses make a great choice if you need a sporty pair of prescription sunglasses that can easily make the transition from a ski trip to everyday life.

If you need a new pair of sunglasses for skiing, one of these picks should do the trick, whether you're looking for an affordable, polarized or high-end pair of shades for your next ski trip.


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