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6 best sunglasses for fishing in 2024

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How to choose the best fishing sunglasses for you

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing the best fishing sunglasses for your needs. Look for polarized fishing sunglasses to cut down on reflective glare and allow better visibility on the water. And make sure to choose the right color lenses for your favorite type of fishing.

Choose the best color sunglasses for fishing

The best color of sunglasses for fishing depends on the type of fishing, the location and light conditions. 

Recommendations on lens color from Costa — a company that specializes in making sunglasses for water sports — are:

  • Ocean and deep-sea fishing in bright sun – blue mirror lenses 

  • Lake fishing and sight fishing in full sun – green mirror lenses

  • Stream fishing and sight fishing on cloudy days – copper and silver mirror lenses

If you need a versatile pair of sunglasses that will work well for a variety of everyday activities, including fishing, you can’t go wrong with gray/silver mirror lenses.

Best polarized sunglasses for fishing 

1. Oakley Split Shot

These Oakley Split Shot sunglasses are available in 14 frame color and lens options, including 11 polarized styles. The variety of choices makes it easy to find the perfect pair of polarized sunglasses for any type of fishing — from ice fishing to deep-sea fishing. 

Options include: Prizm sapphire blue polarized lenses with matte translucent blue frames, Prizm shallow-water polarized lenses with polished black frames and Prizm deep water polarized lenses with matte black frames.

Cost: Starting at $231

Key features:

  • Lightweight frame made of proprietary “O Matter” material

  • No-slip nose pad that tightens its grip when you sweat

  • Oakley Prizm lenses to help you to see color and detail

  • Special lens coating to reduce glare from water

  • Block 100% of UVA and UVB rays

  • Filter blue light

These polarized fishing sunglasses have a wrap style to block glare and come with a detachable leash so they won’t get lost.

Best cheap polarized sunglasses for fishing

2. Foster Grant Starter

The Foster Grant Starter sunglasses are polarized with lenses designed to reduce glare reflecting off the water or any other reflective surface. They’re lightweight, with a wrap style that gives your eyes maximum protection from the sun.

Cost: $30.95

Key features:

  • Metal and plastic frames

  • Semi-rimless frame style

  • 100% UVA/UVB protection

  • Filter blue light

  • Adjustable nose pads

  • Scratch-resistant lenses

These cheap polarized fishing sunglasses are a great choice if you’re on a tight budget. Or if you habitually lose or break your sunglasses. 

Best fly-fishing sunglasses

3. Costa Tuna Alley

These Costa Tuna Alley sunglasses are a top pick for best fly-fishing sunglasses. They come in seven frame colors with a variety of lens options so you can customize a pair of sunglasses for your needs. 

Frame colors include clear, tortoise, matte black and matte steel gray. Lens options include: blue or green polarized glass and blue or gray polarized polycarbonate lenses.

Cost: Starting at $187

Key features:

As you shop, keep in mind that Costa recommends the green mirror lenses for in-shore or intra-coastal stream and sight fishing.

Best fishing sunglasses under $100

4. Tifosi Crit

Tifosi Crit sunglasses are a great pick for mid-range fishing sunglasses under $100. They feature a lightweight, sporty wrap style that offers extra protection from the sun. 

Tifosi Crit shades also have polarized lenses designed to improve your visual acuity on the water. These sporty sunglasses come in six colors, including matte black and matte gray.

Cost: $79.95

Key features:

  • Adjustable arms for a snug fit

  • Adjustable nose pads that grip more tightly when you sweat

  • Ability to customize frame color and lenses

  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses

  • Vented, half-frame style

These sunglasses are a solid option for anglers looking for quality fishing sunglasses that won’t break the bank.

Best fishing sunglasses under $50

5. KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women 

The KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses are a popular budget choice for fishermen and -women. They get excellent customer reviews for comfort, fit and ability to cut down on glare bouncing off the water. These square wrap-style sunglasses are available in 10 frame–lens color combinations.

Cost: $26.99

Key features:

  • Polarized lenses

  • Impact-resistant lenses

  • Block 100% of UVA and UVB rays 

  • Lightweight frames made from Grilamid material

These KastKing sunglasses are a great low-priced choice for anglers who lose or break sunglasses regularly or who want multiple pairs of fishing sunglasses.

Best prescription sunglasses for fishing

6. Costa Fantail

The Costa Fantail polarized sunglasses are an ideal choice for best prescription sunglasses for fishing. These sunglasses get high marks from reviewers for quality, comfort and fit. They come in four frame colors and six lens materials and color choices. 

You can add single-vision prescription lenses or multifocal prescription lenses that allow you to see up close and far away. If you have presbyopia — difficulty seeing up close that typically occurs after age 40 — this option will allow you to protect your eyes and see clearly whether you’re scanning the shore or baiting a hook.

Cost: Starting at $562 with single vision prescription lenses

Key features:

  • Polarized Costa 580 lenses to block reflective glare

  • Block 100% of UV rays

  • Scratch-resistant lenses

  • Enhance colors

  • Filter blue light

These prescription fishing sunglasses aren’t cheap, but they’re a good investment for a serious angler looking for a quality pair of polarized prescription sunglasses for fishing or other water sports.

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