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Giorgio Armani glasses and sunglasses

Giorgio Armani retail display of eyewear

What do Adrian Grenier, Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes and Sarah Jessica Parker all have in common, aside from star status and impeccable style? All have been spotted wearing Giorgio Armani sunglasses.

The Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has been dressing celebrities for decades. So stars naturally reach for Armani eyewear, whether showing off a flashy new convertible or trying to steer clear of paparazzi while grabbing coffee.

But Giorgio Armani isn’t just for celebrities. Read on to learn a little history of the Giorgio Armani brand, check out popular eyewear styles and find out where to buy Armani eyewear.

About Giorgio Armani

There are three main ingredients in Giorgio Armani’s “recipe for success”: determination, vision and “a fiercely uncompromising stance.”

Unlike many high fashion designers, Giorgio Armani did not grow up in or receive traditional training in the fashion industry. Equipped only with a natural talent for aesthetics, Armani “learned everything from scratch while working.”

How? In 1957, a young Giorgio Armani got hired to dress windows at a department store in Milan, Italy. He was promoted and eventually became an assistant buyer for the store. Through “chance encounters” with creatives, designers and entrepreneurs, Armani decided to become a fashion designer.

In 1975, he launched the Giorgio Armani label, and his company grew into three major brands: the flagship Giorgio Armani brand and two aimed at younger customers: Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani.

The Giorgio Armani brand has become known for “elegant, sophisticated” power suits for men and women. Armani transformed suits from “stuffy” to relaxed with unlined jackets and loose lines.

The Italian designer has won many awards over the years. And in 2019, he received the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award from the British Fashion Council for his contribution to the global fashion industry. 

Giorgio Armani eyewear style

The Armani Group has a deal with global eyewear company EssilorLuxottica to create eyewear for the Giorgio Armani brand as well as for the Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange brands.

Armani’s interpretation of creative design is not intended only to “turn heads,” but to leave an impression.

The signature elements of the Giorgio Armani style include:

  • Attention to detail

  • Clean lines in design

  • Innate elegance

These “elemental concepts” of design can be seen in all Giorgio Armani fashion, including the eyewear that bears the logo of the famous designer.

EssilorLuxottica designs, manufactures and distributes fashion, luxury and sports eyewear, including Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani sunglasses

Giorgio Armani sunglasses can be described as elegant, modern and sophisticated, according to Sunglass Hut, a top retailer of Armani eyewear. Characteristics of Giorgio Armani sunglasses, according to Sunglass Hut, include:

  • Attention to detail

  • Clean lines

  • High-quality materials

  • Impeccable craftsmanship

Giorgio Armani name-brand sunglasses are made from quality materials, including acetate and metal, and many feature the Giorgio Armani logo. 

Giorgio Armani sunglasses styles

Looking for classic Armani shades? Giorgio Armani recently released an update of their classic sunglasses style: Giorgio Armani Icon unisex sunglasses. The shape and lines of these oval sunglasses are inspired by eyewear worn by Armani himself. 

They’re made in Italy with ultrathin titanium frames and solid-color lenses. They come in various color combinations, including gray frames with blue lenses and matte gold frames with brown lenses.

Some other top Giorgio Armani sunglasses styles you may want to consider include:

  • Giorgio Armani oversized square sunglasses – These sleek, square rimless women’s sunglasses feature a metal nose bridge with a tortoise overlay and gradient lenses. Color options include azure blue and brown lenses.

  • Giorgio Armani geometric cat-eye sunglasses – These women’s sunglasses combine an irregular geometric shape with the classic cat-eye shape for a snazzy look. They feature acetate frames, tinted lenses and are available in brown tortoise and transparent tortoise with a Giorgio Armani logo on the stems.

  • Giorgio Armani pilot sunglasses – These unisex aviator-style sunglasses have ultra-fine metal frames and tinted gradient lenses. They come in two colors: green and military green.

  • Giorgio Armani plastic aviator sunglasses – These stylish shades feature a pilot shape, but instead of the traditional metal frames, they’re made from acetate in brown tortoise or black. 

Giorgio Armani produces designer sunglasses in a selection wide enough that you should have no trouble finding a pair to suit your style.

Giorgio Armani glasses

The Giorgio Armani eyewear collection includes glasses frames for prescription and non-prescription lenses. As with its sun eyewear, the brand brings its hallmark sophisticated style to Giorgio Armani eyeglasses.

Giorgio Armani Italian optical frames for men and women are available through a wide selection of retailers both online and in-store. The Giorgio Armani Icon style available in sunglasses is also offered as eyeglasses.

Giorgio Armani eyeglasses come in an impressive array of colors, including:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Bronze

  • Burgundy

  • Copper

  • Brown

  • Gold

  • Gray

  • Green

  • Gunmetal

  • Pink

  • Purple

  • Red

  • Tan

  • Tortoise

Giorgio Armani glasses frames are also available in several shapes, including round, square, panthos, pillow and rectangle, in plastic or metal. You can add prescription lenses at an optical shop, though you’ll need to make sure the Armani eyeglasses you choose are suitable for your prescription, especially if you have a strong prescription or use progressive lenses.

Where to buy Giorgio Armani eyewear 

You can buy Giorgio Armani sunglasses and glasses online or in person at retail or optical shops. A few places to buy Giorgio Armani eyewear include:

  • Through the Armani website – Armani.com offers more than 50 styles of Giorgio Armani men’s and women’s sunglasses, as well as frames with clear non-prescription lenses. These lenses can be replaced with prescription lenses in most cases.

  • Sunglass Hut – This sun eyewear retailer carries a selection of Giorgio Armani sunglasses online and in retail locations where you can try on the eyewear in person. Some Armani sunglasses styles are sold exclusively online.

  • LensCrafters – You can try on and purchase a range of styles of Giorgio Armani glasses at LensCrafters. It’s a one-stop-shop where you can get an eye exam and a glasses prescription, try on different frames and order your Armani eyeglasses.

As Hollywood knows, a pair of Giorgio Armani sunglasses or glasses can take even the most basic outfit up a level or three. If you want high-quality eyewear that will give you an instant style boost, Armani may be the brand for you.

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