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A buyer’s guide to Flexon glasses

Flexon glasses

If you’re looking for eyeglasses that can bend without breaking, look great and enhance your vision all at once, Flexon glasses frames may be a great fit. The strong frames contain a special metal that allows them to bend deeply and still keep their shape, style and functionality.

What are Flexon glasses?

Flexon is a name-brand titanium-based alloy that is specially engineered to bend without breaking and spring back to its original shape even when twisted back and forth. The technology of the “memory metal” allows for this extensive bending and provides more protection than alternative materials.

In 1988, Flexon eyewear was introduced in the United States by glasses manufacturer Marchon Eyewear. It has since promised to provide superior durability and strength in eyeglasses — particularly in the bridge and temples (arms) of the frames. Flexon glasses provide classic and trendy looks for women, men and children.

Flexon frames notable features 

Flexon has risen in popularity because its frames are:

  • Flexible

  • Durable

  • Fashion-friendly

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Lightweight 

Parent company Marchon says the special metal in Flexon glasses is about 25% lighter than metals typically used to make glasses frames.

Are Flexon glasses frames good?

Flexon frames are a great option if you’re looking for lightweight, flexible and durable glasses. The special metal in Flexon frames is designed to last longer and feel much lighter on your face compared to other materials used to make glasses frames.

Many Flexon glasses reviews on the internet note the favorable lightweight feel of the frames as well as their stylish designs. Some less satisfied reviews state problems with the way their frames were put together. 

Of course, it never hurts to do a little extra research before you make a commitment.

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Are Flexon glasses indestructible?

Although the materials of Flexon eyeglass frames are corrosion-resistant and highly flexible, there is still a chance they can break if they are pushed to their limits. 

Specifically, the company warns that: 

  • The frames should not be twisted more than 90 degrees. 

  • The temples of the frames should not be wrapped more than once around a finger.

Who are Flexon glasses meant for?

The short answer: anyone. Flexon has designs for men, women and children that come in a variety of colors and styles. But you could say that the flexible glasses frames are especially beneficial for people who lead active lifestyles or are prone to bending or breaking their frames (we’ve all been there!).

If you are active or play sports, the line of Nike Flexon glasses may be worth looking into. These frames are designed for those who put their glasses to the test on the court or field. The Nike Flexon Hyper collection offers two different styles, and even though they were created with athletes in mind, anyone can wear them.

Eyeglass lenses can be customized for all vision needs, so if you are nearsighted or farsighted, or prefer anti-glare coating or blue light filtering lenses, there is a pair for you. Some people choose Flexon frames just for their reading glasses, while others use them for their everyday specs.

How much do Flexon frames cost?

Flexon glasses prices can range from about $100 to $300, not including the cost of lenses. What you pay for the frames can change depending on factors such as special offers and vision insurance coverage. Prices may also vary based on style and size (whether the frames are for kids or adults).

If you have vision insurance that you’d like to use to buy a pair of glasses, be sure to check with your eye care provider or online retail consultant to verify that it can help with the cost. They should be able to guide you through buying eyeglasses with your insurance if it is applicable.

While adding prescription lenses and any special lens features may also increase the total cost of your glasses, your vision insurance may be able to help with this too. 

Where to buy Flexon eyeglasses

You can buy Flexon frames from brick-and-mortar optical shops and online retailers, including framesdirect.com. The Flexon website also provides information and photos of their glasses collections, and can even tell you where to buy the specific styles you like.

Check with your eye doctor’s office to see if Flexon frames are available during your next vision appointment. If they are, you may be able to try some pairs when you visit and see which looks best.

Whether or not you choose a pair of Flexon glasses for your next frames, it’s important to keep up with your eye health. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam once a year to ensure your eyes are in good shape and explore options for your next pair of glasses.

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