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Bolon Eyewear: Men’s, women’s and unisex glasses and sunglasses

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Show off your trendy side with eye-catching eyewear by Bolon

Bolon Eyewear is the top eyewear brand in parts of the world, and it’s a best kept secret among U.S. fashionistas who rely on splashy accessories to stand out from the crowd. Bolon Eyewear offers glasses and sunglasses made from high quality materials in classic styles with a modern twist. 

Plus, Bolon sunglasses shine with trendy details like brightly colored and gradient lenses.

About Bolon

The Bolon Eyewear brand began with a simple premise: to celebrate and embrace the essence of self expression.

What is the Bolon Eyewear origin story? The brand was launched in 2003 by Xiamen Yarui Optical. Ten years later, the company joined the Essilor Luxottica portfolio of eyewear brands.

The Bolon Eyewear target customer is a fashionista aged 25 to 35 who “appreciates romance, art and style.” The brand also makes eyewear for kids who are “mini fashionistas.”

Bolon eyewear

Bolon Eyewear “celebrates individuality, diversity and personality by reinventing classic eyewear styles” to make them truly yours. 

Bolon Eyewear is carefully designed and strives to offer light, resistant eyewear that fits perfectly and feels good to wear.

Three features that make Bolon Eyewear stand out are:

  • Accessible prices 

  • Classic styles with a modern twist

  • Quality craftsmanship

Bolon Eyewear makes men’s, women’s, unisex and kids’ eyeglasses and sunglasses. They offer eyewear in acetate, metal and titanium in a variety of stylish shapes, including aviator, irregular, round and square frames.

Bolon eyeglasses

Bolon makes an array of eyeglasses with fun and stylish frames that allow glasses wearers to express their personal style while seeing the world with clarity. 

Three popular styles of Bolon eyeglasses:

  • Bolon Aria – These chic women’s cat-eye frames are made from a lightweight thermoplastic material and feature titanium temples. They are available in four colors: black, clear, dark purple red gradient and gray pink gradient. 

  • Bolon Jaden – These trendy urban acetate-and-metal frames feature stainless steel temples. A twist on aviators, they are available in three colors: gold, rose gold with transparent details and silver.

  • Bolon Logan – These unisex retro glasses are “urban cool” with a one-piece titanium, aviator-style frame. They are available in four color options: black, gold and black, rose gold with gray details and transparent with rose gold details.

There are many more styles of Bolon eyewear available. You can browse the Bolon Eyewear online shop by gender, material, shape and other characteristics to see more frame styles.

Bolon sunglasses

Bolon Eyewear also offers dozens of styles of sunglasses for women, men and children. Bolon shades are available in an array of shapes, frame colors, lens colors and frame materials.

Four popular styles of Bolon sunglasses:

  • Bolon Ace – This futuristic style features bold, oversized frames in a modern aviator shape in classic black with gray lenses. The company states that the unisex style is “perfect for those who are bold and unapologetic with their fashion choices.”

  • Bolon Clea – These glamorous, oversized women’s sunglasses feature metallic frames and sophisticated lines. The Clea is available in four lens color options: gradient gray, gradient rainbow, purple gray and grayish blue with transparent pink.

  • Bolon Elliott – These 70s inspired oversized sunglasses feature acetate frames in an irregular shape with fun lens colors. The style is available in four colors: black frames with pink lenses, brown tortoise frames with gray lenses, black frames with gray lenses and clear frames with gold lenses.

  • Bolon Vista – These trendy unisex shades have acetate frames with a matte finish and metallic details. The Vista is available in six frame-and-lens color combinations, including clear frames with light blue lenses, gray and blue pattern frames with light gray lenses and black frames with yellow photochromic lenses.

Bolon has many more sunglasses styles, so it’s worth browsing their offerings to find a pair that reflects your personal style. Expect to find a wide array of retro inspired styles in updated shapes and materials.

Bolon eyewear prices

Bolon Eyewear isn’t cheap, but it’s also not the most expensive on the market. In fact, Bolon aims for a mid-market price range. 

For example, the price of Bolon sunglasses ranges from $125 to just under $200 on the Bolon Eyewear online shop. And the price of Bolon eyeglasses frames ranges from $120 to $225, though the final cost of a pair of glasses will, of course, depend on the lenses and extra features you choose.

You may also be able to find a coupon or find a deal on Bolon Eyewear. For example, we found an offer for $15 off a pair of Bolon glasses or sunglasses when you sign up to get emails from the company.

Where to buy Bolon eyewear

You can buy Bolon eyewear online or in person at eyewear retailers and optical shops, but it may be best to buy directly from the company. Find Bolon eyewear at:

  • Bolon stores – You can buy Bolon eyeglasses and Bolon sunglasses in person at Bolon Eyewear stores around the world. Use the Bolon Eyewear store locator to find a store near you or somewhere you plan to visit during your travels.

  • Bolon eyewear online shop – You can purchase Bolon glasses and sunglasses through the U.S. Bolon online shop. If you’re looking for a wide selection of Bolon eyewear and don’t need to try on your glasses or sunglasses in person, this may be the best place to shop.

Bolon has a wide variety of glasses and sunglasses that will allow you to express yourself in comfort and style. They’re available around the world, so you may even be able to pick up a pair on your next trip.

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