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These cheap prescription glasses actually look good!

woman wearing cheap prescription glasses

The dilemma: You are on a tight budget and need new prescription glasses, but you don’t want to compromise style for the sake of eyesight. 

Is it possible to find attractive frames you can actually afford? Or, will you be forced to choose between within-your-means-but-not-very-chic and a big-ticket, fashion-forward pair that eats up every last dime in your health savings account?

You’re in luck – when it comes to glasses, cheap and stylish are not mutually exclusive. Online eyewear retailers allow customers to find on-trend styles at prices that won’t send the average shopper into sticker shock. 

Ready to see for yourself? Great, because we’ve put together a list of eight cheap prescription glasses that actually look good. All are stylish. All are attractive. And most importantly, all are budget-friendly (prices listed are for frames only – lens prices depend on your prescription and preferred features).

Jane Birkin Cat Eye Berry Red Eyeglasses, $35

Who doesn’t love a good cat eye? Named for iconic British model and actress, the Jane Birkin is vintage and contemporary at the same time (thanks to its bold color and wood finish). Not a fan of berry red? No worries; this frame also comes in classic tortoise.

Instant Crush Square Orange Eyeglasses, $15

You’re sure to fall in love with these sweet orange frames faster than you can say “hold my crush.” 

The bright-and-cheery color combined with the timeless Wayfarer shape make this frame an absolute must for, well, just about anyone. Also available in red, yellow, clear/black, leopard and matte navy. 

Concept Round Macchiato Tortoise Eyeglasses, $70

When it comes to glasses, tortoiseshell never goes out of style (and let’s face it – a macchiato never does either).  And when you add in the Concept’s other elegant features, like the keyhole nose bridge and diamond stud accents, you’ve got what could be considered the quintessential eyeglass frame. 

In other words, the Concept is a classic. The frame also comes in fire stone, which is as hot as the tortoise is cool. 

Drums Rectangle Matte Black Eyeglasses, $6

The Drums frame in matte black is quite possibly the most versatile frame of the bunch. Minimalist? Check. Sophisticated? Check? Cheap? A very enthusiastic check! 

The frame also comes in several other colors – red, blue, frosted white, navy and orange. At this price, you might want to order a few pair.  

Tory Burch Transparent Peach Eyeglasses, $90 

If you are looking for clear frames in shades of pink – one of this year’s hottest trends in eyewear – look no further than Tory Burch. Made of propionate, a nylon-based plastic, these frames will feel as light as a feather when you put them on. 

And despite their trendy features, the rectangular shape means they’ll still be “in” years down the road. Also available in gray, honey, light brown and seafoam.

Vint & York Great Escape Black Crystal Eyeglasses, $109

If you aspire to emulate fashion icon Iris Apfel’s style with your next pair of glasses, look no further than this distinctive frame from Vint & York. 

Though technically considered a petite frame, you will surely make a big impression in these specs. The black crystal is our favorite, but carbon black and cognac tortoise are quite chic as well. Bonus: The $109 price tag includes lenses. 

Vint & York Keen Snow Leopard Eyeglasses, $109

Interested in the animal print trend but not ready to go full tilt with leopard pants or snakeskin boots? These snow leopard frames are your solution. 

Glossy and slightly oversized, the Keens can definitely help you make a fashion statement – albeit a subtle one. Plus, snow leopards are the cutest. The frame also comes in six other colors and, just like the Great Escape frames, lenses are included in the $109 price tag. 

Amelia E. Yvonne Clear/Wine Eyeglasses, $68 (or less with a coupon code)

Are they cat eye? Or round-ish? You be the judge, but in either case the pinot-colored temples and the clear eyepieces on this Amelia E. frame are the perfect pairing. Also available in shiny black, clear/pink and brick/clear. 

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