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Warby Parker eye exams

Warby Parker retail location

Warby Parker may be known for their eyeglasses, but many of their retail locations provide eye exams too. These tests are used to update your vision prescription, the set of measurements used to make custom eyeglass lenses.

Warby Parker offers three kinds of eye exams:

  • In-store eye exam – Going by the literal definition of an eye exam, this is the only one Warby Parker offers. A licensed eye doctor will check the health of your eyes and update your vision prescription.

  • In-store Prescription Check – An eye doctor will check your eyesight and renew your existing prescription if needed.

  • Online Prescription Check – An automated app will determine your vision prescription.

These options might sound similar, but they are different in a few important ways.

In-person eye exams at Warby Parker

Warby Parker offers in-person eye exams with an optometrist at many of its locations.

According to the company’s website, these exams include “a refraction to measure eyesight and eyewear needs for a glasses prescription and a complete eye health check.”

The eye health portion of the exam gives a doctor a chance to check the insides and outsides of your eyes for any problems. If they think your eyes could use a second look, they may refer you to a medical eye doctor (ophthalmologist).

Some locations do not offer eye exams, so make sure to call or check online ahead of time.

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How much does a Warby Parker eye exam cost?

Most Warby Parker optometrists (employed by Warby Parker) currently charge $75 for a glasses eye exam and $120 for an exam that covers glasses and contact lenses. 

However, these fees do not apply to locations that use independent optometrists. Independent doctors don’t work directly for the company and set their own prices.

For more information about exam fees, visit Warby Parker’s website or contact your local store directly.

Prescription checks

Prescription Checks are pretty straightforward: They’re used to check your existing eyesight prescription and make sure that it’s current.

As the company notes on their website, a Warby Parker Prescription Check is technically a vision test. Like all vision tests, they are not eye exams, since the health of your eyes is not examined. However, an optometrist may recommend a full eye exam if they think you need one.

While avoiding comprehensive eye exams isn’t optimal in the long term, vision tests can be handy in a pinch. They are best suited for people who don’t think their eye prescription has changed since their last checkup.

Warby Parker offers two types of vision tests:

In-store Prescription Check

In-store vision tests are used to renew your glasses prescription with a series of tests that lasts about 10 minutes. Warby Parker currently charges $40 for an in-store Prescription Check.

Like Warby Parker’s eye exams, in-store vision tests are also performed by an optometrist.

During a Prescription Check, the eye doctor will guide you through two quick tests:

Prescription Checks aren’t available in all stores, and some people will not be eligible. Speak with an advisor at Warby Parker if you’re not sure whether you’re eligible or not.

Online Prescription Check

Warby Parker has a vision-testing iPhone app called Prescription Check. Currently there’s no app for Android devices.

Prescription Check is an automated version of the in-store vision test that doesn’t require visiting a store.

App users will go through a series of tests displayed on a secondary computer or laptop (not your iPhone). After you’re done, an eye doctor will review your results and make any recommendations.

According to the company, to complete these tests you will need:

  • A current pair of prescription glasses.

  • A credit card.

  • An iPhone.

  • A computer/laptop.

  • About 12 feet of space.

The testing process takes about 10 minutes.

Not everyone will be eligible for an in-app vision test. For starters, your age needs to fall between 18 and 55 years. The app will help you figure out if anything else will prevent you from using its service.

Warby Parker currently charges $15 for an in-app Prescription Check. You will not be charged if you are either ineligible or the doctor decides that a complete eye exam would be a better fit.

Is a Warby Parker optometrist the same as any other optometrist?

Every optometrist who works with Warby Parker is a licensed doctor of optometry, like eye doctors who work at other retail stores. All active optometrists are licensed to practice optometry in their state.

However, if you notice changes in your vision or eye-related symptoms like pain or irritation, Warby Parker (or any other eye exam in a retail setting) may not be the best place to address your problem.

For a specific concern or an underlying condition that puts you at a higher risk for eye problems, you may want to consider scheduling an eye exam with an optometrist who practices in a private office or medical center.

These eye doctors tend to be better equipped for the diagnosis and treatment of medical eye conditions.

Similar alternatives to Warby Parker eye exams

Eye exams in retail environments, like the ones at Warby Parker, are very common in the United States. Exams at retail locations are usually cheaper than exams you’d get in a private office.

The closest alternatives to Warby Parker’s eye exams will be the ones in similar optical stores, whose biggest focus is selling glasses and contact lenses. These include:

Eye exams in department stores or wholesale clubs offer another alternative. These stores’ optical shops have similar layouts but are located inside much bigger stores. These include:

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