Dr. Y.L Rajashekar, MD, DNB, MBA

Dr. Y.L. Rajashekar

Dr. Rajashekar, Y.L, the founder and medical director of Shekar Eye Hospital, Bangalore, and a renowned ophthalmic surgeon, is a member of All About India’s editorial advisory board. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of eye care and has performed over 50,000 cataract surgeries.

Dr. Rajashekar completed his early medical education from Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute. He is one of the top-ranking postgraduate (MD) of the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences of New Delhi. He also secured DNB from National Academy of Medical Sciences and has specialized in vitreo retinal and laser procedures.

Dr. Rajashekar’s innovations, technical perfection and tech-savvy approach has brought a passion for adopting information technology into health care management and delivery in the field of ophthalmology. Under his leadership, Shekar Eye Hospital has achieved many milestones and is a force to reckon with in the eye care sector in India.

Dr. Rajashekar possesses sterling credentials in his profession. He has a passion for creating affordable and accessible eye treatment with a focus on quality and care. He introduced SMICS i.e.1.8 incision in cataract surgery in Karnataka for the first time. Shekar Eye hospital is the the first in India to procure a 3D microscope for surgical excellence.

He has presented innumerable technical papers and demonstrated new microsurgical and laser procedures in various ophthalmic forums. He has also authored several text books of ophthalmology for medical courses. Being a passionate educator, he has given a number of presentations in ocular care for the medical community, in addition to popular TV, radio and on-stage programmes for the mass audience.

Dr. Rajashekar is presently president of the Karnataka Ophthalmology Society and doing many activities for the betterment of the ophthalmic fraternity. He has given talks on National and International platforms and has been looked upon by many young ophthalmologists. He is also a lifetime member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He is best seen by his peers and colleagues as a combination of experienced medical skills and oratorical skills with managerial and technological aptitude.

Dr. Rajashekar.Y.L. is an MBA from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and has won the Best Business Model Innovation award from the HEC University of France. He is a very good administrator and has been loved by all the employees working under him.

Dr. Rajashekar.Y.L been bestowed with many awards like Aryabhata Award, Karnataka Vibhushan Award, Kautilya Global Indian Award, Citizens association Award, Kempegowda Award, Shubha Chintana Y.L Vasudeva Bhattacharya Memorial Committee Award. This exhibits the outcome of his aspirations, principle and goodness while treating patients and what he contributed to ophthalmology. Recently he has also been chosen as one of the three best rated ophthalmologists in Bangalore.

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