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Is Keratoconus Covered By Health Insurance?

The cost of keratoconus treatment can be several thousand dollars or more. If you require a corneal transplant, this procedure alone can cost from $13,000 to nearly $28,000, depending on the type of surgery and whether it's performed on an outpatient basis or involves a hospital stay.

Also, the costs of eye exams and contact lenses for keratoconus are recurring expenses year after year.

Thankfully, most costs associated with keratoconus usually are covered by health or medical insurance. In particular, medical insurance typically covers most of the cost of corneal cross-linking or major keratoconus surgery (less deductibles and copays determined by your policy).

The cost of eye exams (or portions thereof) conducted specifically for the diagnosis and monitoring of keratoconus usually are covered as well. The cost of contact lenses for keratoconus may or may not be fully covered, depending on your insurance policy.

If you don't have health or medical insurance and you aren't covered by Medicare or Medicaid, financing companies that specialize in medical expenses offer plans where you can pay for costs associated with keratoconus treatment over time at attractive interest rates.

If you are diagnosed with keratoconus, consult with your eye doctor and insurance carrier so you fully understand your benefits and obligations regarding the cost of your keratoconus treatment.

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