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Best places to buy blue light glasses

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Blue light is all around us. While most blue light exposure, even indoors, is from the sun, some electronic displays also emit some blue light. It’s important to remember, though, that the amount of blue light radiation differs greatly depending on the manufacturer, device and display setting.

Blue light filtering glasses, often also called blue light-blocking glasses or blue blockers, are commonly used to help reduce exposure. Whether you’re new to this eyewear or are looking for the perfect pair, we’ve rounded up some of the top blue light glasses retailers below. 

Where to buy blue light glasses

Many retailers offer a variety of computer glasses, in both prescription and non-prescription lenses. So, if you don’t need vision correction, or if you typically wear contacts, you can still take advantage of the benefits. 

Because they have been known to accommodate personal vision needs and preferences, we’ve ranked the following as the best places to buy glasses to filter blue light:


Online retailer EyeBuyDirect offers blue light glasses with two different types of lenses: EBDBlue Plus and SightRelax. What’s the difference? Both lenses share six benefits, including a water-resistant coating, anti-glare coating and of course, the sought-after blue light filter — just to name a few.

However, the SightRelax lenses also provide the wearer with a reading enhancement, which is ideal for tasks that involve reading a monitor, answering emails, scrolling through social media or reading an eBook.


Not only is Coastal affordable, the company donates a pair of glasses for each one purchased — adding even more value to your frames. But the benefits don’t stop there; Coastal offers hundreds of frames with blue light filtering capabilities

More specifically, the site offers top-of-the-line Kodak BlueReflect lenses. These Kodak lenses are suitable for both children and adults and are beneficial for everything from watching videos and playing games on a tablet to using a computer for long periods of time for work or school.

Coastal offers several features to assure you select the right frame and fit before buying, including a virtual try-on, as well as a live chat feature where representatives can answer questions before, during or after a purchase.


Like Coastal, FramesDirect.com offers BlueReflect for single vision and progressive lenses. The anti-glare and scratch-resistant properties make BlueReflect lenses as popular and recommended as they prove to be across both (and many other) retailers.

The selection featured on FramesDirect.com includes frames from top designer brands, including Gunnar, as well as more affordable frames for both adults and children.


Readers.com has a lot to offer for those who use reading glasses, including blue light glasses. The feature is available in unmagnified, fully magnified and multifocal lenses, providing options for those who seek them at any power.

Readers.com also offers dozens of frame styles and colors to choose from — at affordable price points — so you can accessorize and filter LED blue light at the same time.

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How to buy blue light glasses

Insurance vs out of pocket

It’s always a good idea to review your vision insurance policy before committing to any new pair of frames. Some plans will cover the cost of blue light glasses entirely or provide a partial reimbursement. 

There is a chance you may have to pay for your blue light glasses out of pocket, depending on your policy, but many retailers offer affordable options, if this should be the case.

Buying online

Many online eyeglasses retailers, including ones listed above, typically provide reimbursement forms that you can submit to your vision insurance provider, should you choose to use your vision insurance to purchase them.

If you do pay out of pocket, buying computer glasses online is normally a painless process, as long as you know your prescription (if you’re using one) and the style of glasses you prefer.

Buying through your eye doctor

If you’re more comfortable browsing for glasses in person, ask your eye doctor for guidance at your next vision appointment. Your doctor or a staff member can help you decide which features, in addition to blue light filtering lenses, will suit your lifestyle best. 

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? We’ve got the answers in our blue light glasses FAQs.

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