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How to compare laser eye surgery prices

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If you're looking into LASIK or other laser eye surgery, cost is going to be one of your main concerns. It's a significant investment, and you want to do your homework to be sure the price you're quoted is reasonable for your vision correction needs.

We provide average LASIK prices in a LASIK eye surgery cost article but prices can vary a lot from one surgery center to another, and it depends greatly on surgeon skill, the technology used, your vision prescription and more.

Advanced technology can increase LASIK cost

There are different types of LASIK. You may expect higher costs when you choose newer options such as these over traditional LASIK:

Many surgeons, however, charge the same fee for LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures regardless of the type of technology used. This allows them to choose the best type of procedure and technology for each patient's needs, without cost being a consideration in the decision-making process. In a 2017 survey of U.S. eye surgeons, 77 percent said they charge the same fee regardless which type of laser vision correction procedure and technology is used.

Other contributors to LASIK cost

One reason fees vary is that different providers perform varying levels of preoperative testing. Since proper screening can avoid problems, it's important to determine if appropriate testing is included in a quoted price.


Laser surgery pricing policies (2017)

Wide variation exists also in the cost of equipment used for testing and surgery. Technologies for eye tracking, tear film analysis and measurements of corneal thickness, corneal topography and pupil size, as well as the laser itself, are available at various price points and can be reflected in the procedure fee.

In addition to the surgeon's compensation for performing the procedure, refractive surgery fees cover a variety of costs, including:

  • Purchase or lease and maintenance of the excimer laser, microkeratome, femtosecond laser and/or other devices used in the procedure.

  • Royalty fees that must be paid to the laser manufacturer(s) each time a procedure is performed with the laser(s).

  • Medications and disposable supplies used during the surgery.

  • Overhead for the surgery center, which includes office and surgical staff salaries and benefits, rent, office equipment and office administration.

  • Patient acquisition costs, which include advertising, seminars and fees paid to other eye care practitioners for co-management.

  • Professional liability (malpractice) insurance for both the surgeon and the surgical center.

Also included in most fees are the pre-op evaluation meeting, comprehensive eye examination (including technician time and equipment costs), follow-up office visits and tests, plus any standard medications.

Many surgeons also offer free enhancement surgery if it is warranted. Often a team of doctors reviews your case to determine this, and their time is included in the fee.

8 important questions to ask your surgeon about procedure prices

When discussing fees with your surgeon, ask:

  1. What is included?

  2. What is not?

  3. May I have a written quote with everything itemized?

  4. Is the price quoted for one eye or both eyes? (Technically, one procedure equals one eye, even if both eyes will be corrected on the same day.)

  5. What will I have to pay for if complications occur or enhancement surgery becomes necessary?

  6. What will be the cost of prescription medications (such as anti-inflammatories and painkillers)?

  7. If I require temporary contact lenses or glasses after the procedure, how much will they cost?

  8. How many follow-up visits will I need to make, and at what cost?

What else you need to know about laser eye surgery prices

Before making a final decision, ask yourself:

  • Does the quote fall within typical ranges? (Read our LASIK eye surgery cost article.)

  • If the quote is significantly higher than usual, does your eye surgeon have exceptional credentials that help justify the extra price?

  • If the quote is significantly lower than usual, is your eye surgeon relatively inexperienced? Are you sure you are being quoted the full price?

When a surgical center quotes a single price for all procedures regardless of technology or your presciption, ask these questions:

  • Will I receive a laser-created flap?

  • Will my procedure be wavefront-guided?

This information will help you compare the type of procedure you receive with the average prices on our price chart.

Above all, listen carefully to what your eye surgeon recommends regarding the right procedure for your vision needs and budget. Ask lots of questions. And don't hesitate to consult another surgeon if you have doubts.

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