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What If I Blink Or Move During LASIK Surgery?

This is a common concern, but rest assured that blinking and moving during LASIK surgery usually is not a problem.

Numbing drops are applied to your eyes prior to surgery to make your LASIK procedure comfortable and decrease your natural urge to blink. Also, a small device will hold your eyelids open during the procedure so you can't accidentally blink and your eyelids cannot interfere with any step of the surgery.

Movement of your head and body also is not a significant concern. You will be lying down on a comfortable, flat, cushioned surface during the relatively brief surgery (approximately 20 minutes for both eyes).

Depending on the type of laser your surgeon uses, most platforms have a contoured headrest that comfortably cradles your head during the procedure. Your LASIK surgeon also may gently hold your head in position to help you remain steady during certain steps of the procedure.

Most lasers used for LASIK surgery performed in the United States have an advanced feature called an "eye tracker" that automatically monitors the position of your eye and adjusts the laser treatment to compensate for any small, involuntary movements your eyes might make during surgery. This technology is essential for custom LASIK and to provide the most accurate laser treatment of your eyes.

Your LASIK surgeon can discuss this technology and which type of LASIK is best for you during your LASIK consultation.

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