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Children with myopia usually have trouble seeing things at a distance. 

Fortunately myopia can easily be corrected with a pair of prescription glasses.

There are thousands of frame styles and colors for your child to choose from. 

If possible, encourage your child to pick out their new frames. This will help them feel more comfortable and confident in wearing them. 

Myopia can also be corrected with prescription contact lenses. This option is usually reserved for older children and teens who don’t want to wear glasses. 

Contact lenses require more responsibility and upkeep to avoid injury and infection, which is why they aren’t offered to young children.

Overnight orthokeratology, also called ortho-k, is a lesser known method of myopia correction. 

It involves the use of contact lenses that are worn overnight to reshape the cornea. This can correct myopia, as well as slow its progression.

Ortho-k is a good option for people who don't want to wear corrective lenses during the day and are not eligible for LASIK.

Once myopia stabilizes, LASIK and other surgical procedures become good options for long-term myopia correction.

An eye doctor can give you more details on the different types of myopia correction, and suggest a method that best fits your child’s needs.

To learn more about myopia correction visit AllAboutVision.com/myopia/

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