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Video: Best sunglasses for your face shape

READY TO FIND THE BEST SUNGLASSES FOR YOUR FACE SHAPE? Shop for sunglasses at an optical store near you or online.

Video transcript

[00:00:00] The best sunglass frames for your face shape, that perfect pair of sunglasses isn't just about style.

[00:00:06] It's about the fit on your face. Look your best chasing the sun with sunglasses that fit your face shape.

The six common face shapes are square, round, heart, diamond, oval and oblong. By discovering your true face shape, you can select the best sunglasses for your individual face.

A square face shape is about as long as it is wide, with an angular jawline, cheekbones roughly equal to your forehead and jaw.

Best styles for a square shaped face? Sunglasses that balance sharp angles and draw attention away from angular features. Select softer rounder frames and sunglasses that accentuate eyes and cheekbones.

With a round face shape, your face width and length is proportional, with smooth rounded facial features and full cheeks.

The best frame styles for a round face shape? Look for angular or rectangular sunglass frames and eccentric designs with bold colors with sharp lines.

A heart face shape has a prominent forehead and high cheekbones that tapered down to a narrow jaw line.

Best styles for a heart shaped face? Look for sunglasses that maintain mid-face balance without drawing attention to upper or lower portion of your face.

A diamond face shape resembles a diamond. Think narrow forehead, prominent cheekbones and a modest chin.

Best style for a diamond shaped face? Find sunglasses to highlight your eyes and cheekbones.

An oval face shape is balanced with a length just slightly longer than it is wide. Most oval face shapes have broadly spaced cheekbones and a round jaw line.

Best styles for an oval face? Go bold with color and style.

An oblong face shape is longer than wide, with defined cheekbones, a high forehead and a narrow jaw line.

Best style for an oblong face? Sharp angles and goemetric styles minimize the length of your face and sharpen your softer features.

When chasing the sun, look your best. By understanding your individual face shape. Want to find the best sunglasses for your face shape?

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