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Sunglasses for square faces

Man with a square shaped face

The key to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for a square-shaped face is to choose frames that contrast with your strong facial features. Look for sunglasses with curves such as oval sunglass frames.

And don’t be afraid to make a strong statement with your sunglasses. Square faces can pull off a range of bold, dark colors and styles, from round frames to cat-eye sunglasses. Take a look below at the best choices for square faces.

What is your face shape?

A square face shape has a strong, horizontal jawline with a broad forehead and balanced cheekbones, which are in line with the other facial features. If this description fits you, there are hundreds of different sunglass styles that will highlight your features.

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How to pick the right sunglasses for square shape face

Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses contrast nicely with square-shaped faces. Try a sleek pair of metallic frames, or choose a quirky floral or rainbow pattern.

Colored oval sunglasses

A pair of oval frames will soften the angles of your square face. Add a bright pop of color to your shades for a fun touch.

Browline sunglasses

Browline sunglasses work well because they mimic the way your eyebrows frame your face and balance out your strong jawline. Their embellished top rims also add some vintage personality to your look. 

Your square-shaped face can pull off some of the boldest sunglass styles. However, avoid rectangular or square sunglasses because they add even more angles to your face and can make your face look wider. 

Another tip is to skip light-colored frames, which will not add enough contrast to your features. 

See an eye doctor to get your prescription and order the best pair of frames for you.

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