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How Do You Keep Sunglasses From Slipping Down Your Nose?

If your sunglasses are slipping down your nose, often a simple adjustment can help keep them securely in place.

This problem may be due to the temples (the "arms" of the frame that secure the sunglasses to the back of your ears), the bridge (the portion of the frame that rests on the sides of the nose), or both.

The temples of your sunglasses should be long enough so they can be bent to roughly a 45-degree angle where they pass across the top of your ears, with sufficient length so the ends of the temples can be adjusted to be securely aligned with the contours of your head directly behind your ears. (The exception to this is a sunglass frame design where the temples are completely straight and fit securely against your head at a point slightly above and just beyond the ears.)

The bridge of the frame should rest evenly and securely on the sides of the upper part of your nose. If your nose is larger, smaller or flatter than average at this point, a sunglasses frame with adjustable nose pads is very helpful to achieve a secure fit.

You might also consider using a product that has received a lot of social media buzz recently: Nerdwax. This is a beeswax-based blend of natural and certified-organic ingredients, and when you apply Nerdwax to the part of the frame that comes into contact with your nose, it prevents your sunglasses from slipping. You can learn more about Nerdwax by visiting the product's website.

For the most comfortable and secure fit, have a knowledgeable optician evaluate the size and style of your sunglasses and see what can be done to prevent them from slipping down your nose.

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