What are the effects of screen time on children?

how screen time affects kids infographic

In this day and age, screen time is hard for any age group to get away from. But too much of it can be especially harmful to a child’s well-being. 

Despite the convenience of online educational content and digital entertainment, excessive screen time can contribute to the onset of vision problems in your child. It can also be harmful to their social skills, mental health and overall development. 

Click on the infographic below to look at how screen time affects kids of all ages:


Sometimes screen time is necessary for school work and other important activities. But like many things, it’s best in moderation. 

Discuss healthy choices around screen time with your children so that they understand why it can be harmful — and what they can do to limit their time on the computer, phone or TV. Talk to children about the addictive nature of screens and the importance of developing good screen time habits at a young age. 

Prying your kid away from the screen can feel like a battle for both of you. But in doing so, you can promote healthier bodies, minds and eyes.

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