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A Guide to Cardi B’s Show-Stopping Sunglasses

Cardi B

Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almànzar, is one of the most influential female rappers and songwriters of all time. Her provocative lyrics and bold, irreverent attitude have won her many loyal fans worldwide. 

Not only is she an award-winning, chart-topping rapper many times over, Cardi B is an outspoken celebrity and fashion icon, with a love for designers like Gucci, Versace and Saint Laurent. She often updates her nearly 92 million Instagram followers with her striking, unconventional ensembles. 

Cardi B is well known for an in-your-face style blending high and low fashion, flaunting expensive designer fare alongside affordable items that her fans can buy. “I want to wear ‘me,’” the singer told Vogue in 2018, during New York Fashion Week. 

An A-list fashion icon, in the ranks of other fashion-forward entertainers like Billie Eilish and Beyonce, Cardi-B knows how to rock her own style with original ensembles and a striking set of shades. And though her sunglasses may be pricey — she once spent an astonishing $7,000 on shades in one weekend — you can mimic her unique style by finding inexpensive knockoffs inspired by the greats.

Cardi B in Chanel sunglasses

I mixed that Tiffany Birkin with that vintage Chanel with them ‘bute’ @fashionnova shoes,” wrote Cardi B on her Instagram account in the summer of 2020. 

The rapper wore a body-skimming, spaghetti strap Surf Print Mini Chanel dress, $30 white stiletto sandals from her favorite Fashion Nova brand and vintage Coco Chanel white sunglasses, with the interlocking double-C logo. 

The sexy ensemble was finished off with a $13,000 bright blue Birkin tote, a line of bags made by Hermès. And let’s not forget her $45,800 Juste Un Clou gold and diamond Cartier bracelet.

In 2017, Cardi B wore oversized, hot-pink vintage Chanel rhinestone sunglasses for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel where she performed “Bodak Yellow.” They were set off by her sparkly, sequined, hot-pink feathered coat and black wig.

Get the look

A genuine pair of those vintage Chanel shades costs thousands, even on eBay. But you can still rock the sexy blue-and-white look with a strapless summer dress, white sandals and white-framed sunglasses, like these $5 cat-eyes. And if you’re up for showing off some costlier specs, try these high-style super-white Italian shades from Bloomingdales.

For Chanel-inspired pink-rimmed shades that cost less than $400 and look suitably retro, you might try these sunglasses by designer Miu Miu. And these mod looking acrylic frame pink shades from Walmart echo Chanel for less than $8.

Cardi B blazes in red cat-eyes

In “Backin’ It Up,” Cardi B’s 2018 hit song, she flaunts long, brilliant fingernails in a mosaic of bright colors, and huge, red-framed cat-eye sunglasses that match her red wig and jacket.

That same year, at the All-Star NBA All Star Game, huge red-rimmed cat-eyes framed the singer’s face, this time set off by a flashy red blazer and blonde tresses. She smiled and munched popcorn as her “Bartier Cardi” single blasted over the PA system.

Get the look 

If you want to rock the red cat-eye look just like Cardi B, try these affordable and sexy Vogue frames from Sunglass Hut. And for an even better bargain, just search “red cat eye sunglasses” in Google, and a host of shopping options — from glamorous to funky — will surely guide you to the perfect pair for you.

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Cardi B in Gucci sunglasses

One weekend in 2017, Cardi B splurged on a pair of black and yellow $1,100 Gucci sunnies, along with rhinestone-encrusted Gucci’s for nearly $1,400, plus a pair of pink retro Gucci’s for another $1,400. All were oversized in true-to-form, eye-catching drama.

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Though Gucci’s are beyond the pocketbook of most of us, you can find similarly stunning styles online at affordable prices. Check out these blinged-out rhinestone sunglasses for only $16 on Amazon.

Cardi B’s hip-hop shades

The newest trend in “hip-hop” shades are oversized, square frames. Unlike the classic and always trendy cat-eyes, square sunglasses are modern and bring a new kind of drama. 

These Fenty Blockt Mask sunglasses were launched by Rihanna and retail for $480. They have been worn by Mary J. Blige and a host of other celebs, including Cardi B, who wore them for the premier of Hustlers.

Get the look

You don’t need to spend big bucks to get on the square-shaped shades trend. Discount eyewear retailers offer affordable remixes of similar sunnies — most online shops allow you to search by frame shape, color and materials. And check out this Pinterest board for an impressive selection of knockoffs inspired by Fenty Blockt.

Cardi B sunglasses in music videos and award shows

In her 2019 music video “Press,” Cardi B flaunts some stylish black Versace shades. If you’re feeling bold and ready to sport some genuine Versace sunglasses, you can find a nice selection on FramesDirect for around $300 and up. 

There’s little question Cardi B will go on inspiring us for years to come with her sexy and always outrageous ensembles, usually topped off with a range of eye-popping sunglasses. And you don’t have to break the bank to follow her lead. With all the amazing sunglasses available today, it’s easy to find a far less expensive pair of shades that’ll have you looking totally on fleek.

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