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Billie Eilish Breaks Fashion Rules with a Grunge-Glam Look and Striking Sunglasses

Billie Eilish wearing sunglasses

Billie Eilish, the 19-year-old pop music sensation, has a signature style all her own, known for her sultry, whispery voice. In songs like “Everything I Wanted” or “Bad Guy,” the singer bends genres and makes music that borrows from many styles but is entirely original. The same is true of the bold statements she makes with her unforgettable ensembles. 

Nobody mixes punk, glam, goth and tomboy like Billie Eilish. The star usually favors oversized, baggy clothes and comfortably clunky shoes that, in spite of it all, are eye-catching and pop with color and glam, setting fashion trends. 

Billie’s ensembles are often topped off with striking sunglasses to top off her bold fashion statements. If you’re looking to step out in some attention-grabbing sunglasses this summer, Billie offers inspiration and unique ideas — cheap meets fancy, punk meets sexy, streetwear meets haute couture.

Billie Eilish sunglasses: Colorful and summer chic

Billie’s eyewear choices show off her bold style and prove she’s not afraid of a little (or a lot) of color! Get a peek at some of Billie’s greatest hits, and find out how to “get the look” just in time for summer! 


Billie loves bright green. And that includes green sunglasses with designer names like Prada. Check out these 2019 space-age Prada sunglasses with nylon fiber frames and an irregular frame shape. These are the kind of shades that will catch attention no matter where you go — whether to a beach party, a fancy nightclub or just out running errands. 

Or for a different take, these delicate rimless green sunglasses lend a sultry look and just a hint of color. 

Finally, check out these translucent green shades that Billie donned to grace the cover of GQ in the summer of 2020, complemented by a green and black plaid shirt.

Get the Look:

Though Billie’s green Prada specs are out of stock, you can check out Prada’s website for similar designs, in subtle summery pinks and soft greens. Or do you want to emulate some of Billie’s classic green shades but don’t have the dough? 

These $35 cat-eye frames from EyeBuyDirect might work. And for only $6 at Shein, you can get some rimless green sunglasses not so different from Billie’s.


In April 2019, Billie wore orange wraparound Vogue Eyewear sunglasses with pale brown lenses. The shades perfectly matched her grunge ensemble, with beige high-top sneakers lined with orange, torn orange pants and a brilliant orange sweatshirt. Poised on the edge of a marble bathtub, Eilish looked every bit the punk goddess. 

Get the Look:

You can find those same orange shades here on Amazon.


Check out Billie in yellow-framed Prada shades, yellow Nikes, yellow custom gloves by Skoot, yellow cargo pants and a yellow racing tee. No question this superstar rocks yellow. 

Further proven in these fiery yellow specs that play up the cat-eye look with elaborate filigree lining the rims. Billie’s long green fingernails and green hair set off the yellow lenses to perfection.

Get the Look:

You can find the Prada Linea Rossa line at Sunglass Hut. Although Billie’s yellow frames aren’t available, the line comes in an array of frame styles and shiny hues to catch your fancy. 

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White sunglasses are a favorite of Billie’s. Like these white-rimmed angular cat-eyes — small but dramatic — which she wore to the 2019 ASCAP pop music awards. Plus, they allowed her to flash her lovely baby-blue eyes. And here’s another, more casual look at Billie in white frames

Gotta love these bold white frames with red lenses, which she wore to an after-party at the 2020 Grammy Awards, accompanied by long, green nails adorned with Gucci logos. Eilish won five Grammys that night.

Get the Look:

You can get a pair reminiscent of Billie’s iconic white-rimmed cat eyes here.


What color says summer better than blue — blue skies, blue waters, blue-jean shorts? The musical prodigy wore $420 blue-framed Gucci sunglasses to the 2019 LACMA Art & Film Gala, presented by Gucci. 

The chunky square lenses with acetate frames hearkened back to the early 2000s and were perfectly set off by Eilish’s gold choker necklace and blue patterned shirt with gold buttons. 

Get the Look:

If you’ve got the cash, you can find similar sunglasses on the Gucci website now


Billie Eilish wore red angular cat-eye Diavolina sunglasses for the New York Times Magazine music issue in March 2020. 

Get the Look:

The glasses are available at Poppy Lissiman for only $70 here.

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Simple Glamour:

Sometimes Eilish goes for simple, glamorous shades, like the elegant, dark-lensed Gucci sunglasses she wore at a Spotify party a few days before the Grammys, set off by a coat and top by Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli. She wore crystal-embroidered Gucci jogging pants, a matching bowling shirt, a lime green turtleneck with puffed sleeves and emerald leather Flashtrek sneakers. 

With all that glam, the simple, elegant metal-frame sunglasses provided a perfect counterpoint.

Get the Look:

For genuine Gucci eyewear, these rectangular sunglasses emulate Eilish’s elegant Oscar party outfit. And don’t forget Etsy for endless creative takes on designer sunglasses, for far less money.

Summer is here — along with travel, pool parties, sunning at the beach and just all-around fun. 

No matter which shades you decide to don this summer to heat up your fashion game, Billie has truly one-of-a-kind style that is sure to inspire some eye-catching, exciting sunwear choices.

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