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Bad Bunny’s Eyewear Sets Trends in Fashion and Eye Protection

Musician, Bad Bunny wearing red sunglasses

One quick scroll through the Instagram of Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, is all you need to recognize that the Puerto Rican music sensation is also a fashion icon. His collection of sunglasses specifically speaks volumes — some which quite literally reflect his impact on today’s popular culture.

Like his music, Bad Bunny’s taste in eyewear is never boring. The two often coincide in music videos, award shows and even daily life. The star is photographed constantly — whether by the paparazzi or in selfies taken with his own smartphone — sporting a variety of different shades. 

The origin of Bad Bunny’s sunglasses (and style)

The eccentric fashion choices started early with Bad Bunny, as he mentioned in an interview with Vogue in 2020. The singer said his mom is responsible for his love of overalls, but he also credits stars like Daddy Yankee for influencing the looks he sported in his youth.

As for his sunglasses, Bad Bunny remarked, “I always said that when I have money, I’m going to have every pair of sunglasses in the world.” Despite being teased for wearing sunglasses in somewhat odd environments such as during school or at night time, Bad Bunny always owned his style.

“I always wanted to be an artist to use my sunglasses whenever I want. That was the goal,” he continued. To say he has reached this goal would be an understatement.

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Stealing the spotlight with his signature sunglasses

Though his influence began with his mother and Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny now works with stylist Storm Pablo to customize his fashion choices for the public eye.

“Since his stages are getting bigger, his looks have got to get bigger,” Pablo said in an interview with NYLON Magazine. Bad Bunny’s style is evolving thanks to Pablo’s help. “I never leave the crib without at least one pair of glasses,” Pablo told the magazine. 

With Pablo’s influence, Bad Bunny’s looks continue to be heightened at the same speed as his music career.

Bad Bunny’s sunglasses of choice

The Grammy award winner flaunts eyewear as though it’s an extension of himself, whether it be basic frames or decked-out designer shades. Recently, a pair of yellow tinted Bonnie Clyde sunglasses adorned his look at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, where he took home an award for his Latin Pop album “YHLQMDLG.”

A running list of notable eyewear designers Bad Bunny has sported includes:

And the list goes on. Based on his personality, it’s clear that Bad Bunny could wear just about anything and make it look chic. 

Where to buy Bad Bunny style eyewear

With such an influence on his fans (and the latest fashion trends), it’s no surprise that retailers are hopping on board to sell Bad Bunny style sunglasses to their customers. Retailers such as Shades on Party even feature full collections of Bad Bunny style shades — many at affordable prices. 

You won’t need to go far to find the eyewear that you desire. Bad Bunny has blazed the trail for eyewear so much so that they are available through fashion retailers everywhere.

Trendsetting in eyewear and beyond

Bad Bunny is a trendsetter for all things fashion — and not just in the realm of eyewear. The singer collaborated with Crocs in 2020 to launch a glow-in-the-dark collection that sold out in just 30 minutes. 

Both Bad Bunny’s music and style are in high demand, as tickets for his upcoming tour sold out in record-breaking time. According to Billboard, his El Último Tour del Mundo 2022 was the fastest selling concert tour since the year 2018, selling nearly 500,000 tickets in under a week.

It’s safe to say that if you are a fan of Bad Bunny’s music, you’re likely also a fan of his style.

Sunglasses: stylish and protective

Bad Bunny deserves praise for his influence on the fashion industry — especially considering it is one that encourages important eye protection (when you wear them outdoors during the daytime, of course).

Sunglasses equipped with 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection are optimal for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays — and just because they’re eye-safe doesn’t mean you have to compromise your eyewear style. Just take it from Bad Bunny.

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