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Everything you need to know about Tom Ford glasses

Tom Ford glasses on store display

World-renowned designer, filmmaker and former actor Tom Ford cut his teeth in the fashion industry while serving as creative director for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. His namesake line, Tom Ford, was founded in 2005. Since, it has earned global acclaim and awards for its clothing, accessories, fragrances and cosmetics. 

While apparel, scents and beauty products may serve as the multi-billion-dollar fashion line’s bread and butter, Tom Ford glasses and eyewear collections were among the first products sold by the fashion mogul. To this day, they continue to make headlines worldwide and are worn by an endless list of celebrities, including Ryan Reynolds, Kris Jenner, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lawrence. 

Why Tom Ford glasses? 

Tom Ford eyeglasses are beloved for their timeless design and their masterful fusion of vintage glamor with modern sophistication. Each pair of Tom Ford sunglasses and reading glasses is made in Italy using top-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. A subtle “T” along the hinges and “TOM FORD” printed on the earpieces make every pair recognizable as an original pair of Tom Ford eyeglasses. 

Tom Ford glasses also cater to a wide range of vision needs. You’ll find Tom Ford sunglasses, Tom Ford reading glasses and Tom Ford prescription glasses in stock at most upscale department and eyewear stores. They are also available for purchase from many online retailers. 

Keep in mind, though, that Tom Ford is one of the world’s most coveted luxury designer labels and promises top-quality products across its collections. The price tag on each pair of Tom Ford eyeglasses will reflect this. 

If you are shopping on a budget, don’t let the sticker shock discourage you. It isn’t easy to find cheap Tom Ford glasses on the market, but some options are available to you if you are trying to spend a little less than the list price. 

Where can I buy Tom Ford glasses? 

For most people, purchasing a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses or Tom Ford reading glasses may feel like a big splurge. That said, it is possible to find Tom Ford glasses on sale. All it takes is a little bit of research and price comparison. 

If you’re wondering where to buy Tom Ford glasses cheap, you can try purchasing them secondhand at consignment stores or consumer-to-consumer sales platforms. 

Buying a pair of used Tom Ford men’s glasses or ladies’ glasses can be a worthwhile option because the fashion line’s frames are made of quality materials and are designed to last. If you find a used pair in good condition available for purchase, you can expect to get many more years of use out of them. 

Plus, Tom Ford’s designs are inspired by classic looks, meaning they are well-suited to outlive fleeting fashion trends. Looking for the past season’s models at outlet retailers is another excellent option if you’re trying to find Tom Ford glasses on sale.  

If pricing is not an issue for you, browse and purchase the latest Tom Ford glasses directly from the Tom Ford website or via well-known luxury retailers and department stores like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales. All of these stores have digital shopping platforms so that you can order Tom Ford glasses online. 

Tom Ford also has brick-and-mortar stores in select cities around the world. Simply check their online store locator to see if there is a store near you.  

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Other stores that sell Tom Ford glasses

Other convenient retailers that carry a wide variety of Tom Ford men’s glasses and Tom Ford ladies’ glasses include, but are not limited to:

Getting Tom Ford glasses for less

Whichever retailer you choose when shopping for Tom Ford glasses, keep an eye out for exclusive discounts, promo codes and sales. Online retailers often host flash sales, as well. Sometimes you can even score discounts on Tom Ford frames when you opt for an eye exam at select retailers. 

Searching online or in-store deals will not always guarantee you’re getting Tom Ford glasses for cheap prices, but even small savings and promotions can add up. Combined discounts can bring down the cost of your Tom Ford prescription glasses or sunglasses significantly. 

Additionally, don’t forget to check out popular resale platforms like eBay, Poshmark and The RealDeal for used Tom Ford men’s glasses and ladies’ glasses. Typically, they will cost you less than retail price. But keep in mind that for prescription glasses, you’ll also need to get replacement lenses that have your own prescription.

How to style Tom Ford glasses

If you are ready to start shopping for some shades but feel overwhelmed by all the different styles available, you can start by narrowing your choices based on frame size or shape. Choosing the right pair of Tom Ford glasses depends a lot on your taste and the look you want.

A significant first step to finding the best pair for you is determining what styles best compliment your face’s shape:

  • Heart-shaped or long, narrow face – Look for Tom Ford women’s cat-eye glasses and Tom Ford women’s round glasses. Frames that are wider near the bottom also work well, as do rimless frames.

  • Square-shaped face – Tom Ford glasses in an oval shape — frames that are wider than they are deep — may be the right choice for you.

  • Round face with full cheeks – Your best bet is a pair of Tom Ford wide glasses with rectangular frames.

  • Oval face – You can pull off pretty much any shape or size of Tom Ford frames. Happy hunting! 

The same guidance is generally given to men, too. However, keep in mind that every person’s face and style is unique. Deciding which glasses are best for you is a matter of personal taste and opinion, as well as matching your personality and lifestyle

Popular styles for Tom Ford eyeglasses

If you’d rather select a pair of Tom Ford glasses based on celebrity trends and brand bestsellers, consider the following (you’ll find several models favored by the fictional secret agent, James Bond!):

  • Tom Ford Whitney glasses, rocked by Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie

  • Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses, worn by Jennifer Aniston in the film “The Bounty Hunter”

  • Tom Ford Whyat sunglasses, favored by Sofia Richie

  • Tom Ford cat-eye optical frame eyeglasses, worn by Scarlett Johansson 

  • Tom Ford Snowdon clear glasses (James Bond wore the tinted version in the 007 film series)

  • Tom Ford Marko aviator glasses, worn by actor Daniel Craig in the James Bond movie “Skyfall”

  • Tom Ford Henry glasses, worn by actor Daniel Craig in the James Bond movie “Spectre”

Specialized Tom Ford eyewear collections

There are all kinds of Tom Ford glasses within the designer brand’s eyewear segment, as mentioned earlier. From Tom Ford optical glasses ideal for staring at computer screens to polarized sunglasses that help reduce glare and eye strain when worn outdoors in sunny conditions, you’ll find that Tom Ford makes various glasses to suit most vision needs. 

Tom Ford prescription glasses

If you need prescription Tom Ford glasses, you have plenty of options. Tom Ford offers an extensive selection of signature frames that can be equipped with prescription lenses

The easiest way to fit your favorite Tom Ford frames with the right prescription lenses is to visit a convenient local eyewear retailer. You can also buy your favorite frames online and then bring them to your preferred eyewear store to have them fitted with lenses that match your prescription and suit your vision needs. 

Buying Tom Ford optical glasses 

If you spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen, you might consider purchasing a pair of Tom Ford Blue Block optical glasses. Tom Ford men’s and women’s Blue Block collections feature classic frames fitted with specially treated lenses. 

How Tom Ford Blue Block optical glasses work 

Digital devices, like smartphones and computers usually emit LED blue light, which can cause visual discomfort. The lenses in Tom Ford’s Blue Block are treated to filter blue-violet light, which can provide some relief.

Even though many types of BL glasses are called ‘blue-light blocking,’ it’s more accurate to say that they filter some of the blue light. Blue-light glasses typically filter blue-violet light, not blue-turquoise light, which is what impacts sleep/wake cycles. Ensure your blue light glasses filter the correct type of blue light for your needs.

If you’re interested in buying blue block glasses by Tom Ford, you don’t necessarily need to buy a separate pair of shades. Tom Ford offers some styles of blue bock glasses that come with clip-on sunglasses, which you can snap onto your frames whenever you’re headed outside.  

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Buying Tom Ford sunglasses

Sunglasses are perhaps the most popular of Tom Ford’s eyewear offerings. You already know Tom Ford is famous for its timeless and sophisticated style. Combine that with the exclusivity attached to any globally acclaimed designer brand, and it is easy to understand why there is so much hype around Tom Ford sunglasses. 

Rest assured that in this case, the product lives up to the buzz. Every pair of Tom Ford sunglasses offers the standout quality and attention to detail that you should expect from an award-winning, high-end brand.  

Made with high-quality materials 

Most Tom Ford frames are made of either metal or acetate, a nylon-based plastic that is much stronger and flexible and more durable than regular plastic. Tom Ford sunglasses lenses also offer 100% UV protection. 

If you spend a lot of time outdoors in bright conditions, you’ll benefit from the option to buy Tom Ford polarized glasses. They come in many popular styles and colors, so you have plenty of options from which to choose.

Ready to buy Tom Ford eyeglasses? 

Now that you know a little bit more about the Tom Ford brand, the various kinds of glasses it makes and the different kinds of styles you have to choose from, you’re ready to start looking for a great pair of shades. 

You can begin your search for the perfect pair of Tom Ford glasses at one of the online retailers listed above, or you can head to your favorite eyewear shop to try on glasses in person and get a feel for them. Sometimes the best way to determine whether a pair of glasses is right for you is to experience them in real life before making your purchase.  

For most people, purchasing a pair of designer glasses, or any designer accessory for that matter, can be a significant expense. Make sure your choice is also a worthy investment that will last for years to come. 

Fortunately, Tom Ford delivers not just on style but also durability and quality. Take your time to compare prices and offers from various retailers, but sleep easy knowing you are investing in a brand and product that is well worth the designer price. 

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