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What are Clubmaster sunglasses?

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Sunglasses are much more than frames and lenses. They are all about your personality and how you want to project yourself to the world. The right pair of sunglasses adds to your presence and complements your persona. For those who want to make a subtle style statement, the first name that comes to mind is often — Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

But how well do you know your Clubmasters, and what are the basics to donning the perfect pair? Read on to learn more.  

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Origin of the Clubmaster style

The “browline” style was introduced in 1947. The brainchild of Jack Rohrbach, the then vice president of the eyeglass company Shuron Ltd., browlines went on to rule the ’50s and ’60s. At the time, they were fully customizable — from size to color of glasses.

Clubmaster sunglasses’ popularity in the media

Tinsel Town and its celebrity inhabitants directly influenced the popularity of browline glasses. After a roaring start in the ’50s and ’60s, the popularity of these Clubmaster-style glasses dipped. Just as the glasses’ sales plummeted in the 1970s, and the craze seemed to all but fade away, Bruce Willis sported tinted browlines in the series “Moonlighting.” Ray-Ban took note and created Clubmaster sunglasses. And just like that, sales of Clubmaster sunglasses took off.. 

The late 2000s saw the TV series “Mad Men” donning browlines, which brought back the now-retro design once again. “Heroes,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “American Horror Story” added to the classics’ resurgence. These browline frames’ popularity has never again declined as many celebrities continue to sport this all-time classic hit.

Are Clubmasters cool?

Clubmasters have a refined, timeless look. Designs include features like 3-D gold or silver detailing and black temples that signal elegance. They’re suitable for almost any age group, gender or face shape primarily because they’re not an in-your-face style. Curiously, browlines were once deemed “too serious” or “geeky.” They were even categorized as “angry young men’s sunglasses.” This misconception led to a dip in popularity, but before long, the scales tipped in favor of Clubmaster sunglasses. 

Defined by a style that’s elegant, yet different, Clubmasters are, quite frankly, a class apart. 

The classic appeal of Clubmasters

There are not many sunglasses that appeal to people of all ages across the world. The unique combination of cool and browline classic has led the stylish Clubmaster design to be in a class of their own across the decades, even as fashion changed around them. 

The one-of-a-kind browline look has made the Clubmaster style a favorite with both men and women. Easily worn casually or formally, Clubmasters ensure your fashion game is a cut above at parties, dates or get-togethers. The subtle-yet-chic style statement of classic Clubmaster sunglasses is versatile enough for an appearance at a formal party or a date at a discotheque. The confident and cool frames appeal as much to the fashion-conscious as to the casual wearer.

What face types do Clubmasters suit?

Characterized by a thick browline right over the lenses, Clubmasters can be worn by all face types, from triangular to oval to diamond. These versatile glasses are supported by a thin metal frame that will make any person in any outfit look great.

You can ace your fashion game with just a few pointers. Read on and match the best browline for your face shape:

  • Triangle face — For this shape, frames that are bolder at the top and taper off to a neutral look at the bottom suit the best.

  • Round face — If you have a round or fuller face, choose edges that are angular and taper off that contrast with your frames.

  • Heart face — Those with a heart-shaped face should opt for light-shaded and bottom-heavy frames.

  • Rectangular face — Choose a dark browline frame to complement your face shape.

  • Oval face — If you have an oval shape, anything and everything suits your face! Pick out whichever pair you like.

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Are Clubmasters unisex?

Gender preference in the realm of sun shades is not uncommon. Sunglasses sometimes are gender specific, but some styles are unisex — worn by both men and women. Lucky for you, Clubmasters are a no-brainer. This style is designed for all! 

Clubmasters are a universal look, but you can still personally choose many of their features to your liking. Let’s break these cool shades down into three of their design features to understand why they remain many men’s and women’s favorite sunglasses:

  • Embellishments — Some shades feature decorative designs along their frames, like wings, dots or stripes. Usually, more ornamental designs are intended for women, whereas more subtle designs are marketed toward men. Unlike many other glasses, Clubmasters feature a refined design — a thin gold, silver, or neutral frame with tinted lenses. The only design language for these glasses is an elegance that’s suitable for anyone.

  • Color — Retro-inspired Clubmasters forego the flamboyance of a large palette of colors for simplicity — they are typically available in black, gray, brown, and green hues.

  • Size — Ray-Ban Clubmaster frames are available in various sizes, designed to fit nicely on any face. Neither too oversized nor too dainty, these classy frames will compliment faces from the smallest to the largest. Take note that some modern Clubmaster frames do not allow you to customize the size, but most styles of the retro sun shades are available in small, medium and large. Take a look at the exact measurements of Clubmaster sunglasses before you decide which to purchase:

FitLens Width
SmallUp to 55 mm
Medium56-64 mm
Large65 mm and above

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How do I choose the best frame size for my Clubmasters? 

No matter if you are shopping for shades from the comfort of your home or buying them in-store, know these few simple tricks to select the size that fits your face best. An easy way to know which frame size is best for you is:

Step 1 — Take out your credit card. (But don’t make your purchase quite yet!)

Step 2 — Stand in front of a mirror. Place the narrow edge of your card under your eye, with the long edge aligned with the center of your nose. 

Step 3 —  Notice where the other edge of the card ends.

  • If your card ends about where your eye ends, buy standard-sized sunglasses.

  • If your card’s edge does not reach the end of your eye, go for a large size.

  • If your card goes beyond the end of your eye, choose a small size. 

Should sunglasses cover or conceal eyebrows?

Oversized glasses may be popular, but ideally, the frame of your sunglasses should follow your eyebrow, allowing a balanced view of your eyebrows rather than sitting too far above or below. Clubmasters are just the right choice for those who like to emphasize their eyebrows with their frames, enhancing their brows with the darker, heavier top of the frame. The bottom of the frame, by contrast, is not as bold. So, the Clubmaster frame accentuates your natural brow lines without interfering with the shape of your face. After all, there is a reason why Clubmasters are also known as browlines!  

Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

Ray-Ban has been making their own Clubmaster sunglasses for decades, and Clubmasters remain one of the company’s most popular styles. In the 1950s, browline glasses’ popularity soared, then dwindled through the ’60s and ’70s. Then when the 1980s affirmed the timeless appeal of browline glasses, Ray-Ban created their own take on the traditional browline frame, these with tinted lenses — Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. They were Ray-Ban’s third crowd-puller, right after their bold Wayfarers and sporty Aviators.

Today, Ray-Ban offers another favorite frame — the Clubround. As the name suggests, this style is similar to the Clubmaster, but the thick top of the frame is more rounded, as are the lenses underneath. For those who like options, several custom features are available, and lenses come in gradient and polarized.

Apart from Ray-Ban, designer brands such as Gucci, Versace, and Prada offer the browline style.

Five easy tips for buying and wearing Clubmasters

Elegance never goes out of style. Flaunt your Clubmasters comfortably and with timeless flair using these five simple tips: 

  • Always buy your Ray-Ban classic Clubmaster sunglasses from a reputable dealer. You can find genuine Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses at most local optical stores such as LensCrafters and Pearle Vision, or online optical stores such as and Frames Direct. 

  • Avoid cheap Clubmaster sunglasses knock-offs. You can spot a fake easily. Look out for weak hinges, poor fit, or an incorrect or missing logo. It’s better to invest in a reputable name than going for cheap imitations. Ray-Ban Clubmasters are a good value — worth every penny! 

  • Formal or casual, whatever your wardrobe or look, you can level up with Clubmasters. These are classic frames not associated with a particular genre or trapped in an outdated style. The chic styling has been widespread across decades, thanks to its versatile nature.

  • Choose a lens color, whether solid or gradient, that goes well with your personality, skin tone, and hair color. Remember that your glasses are often the first thing people see about you, so be yourself while choosing your pair! 

  • Clubmasters are perfect for business, parties and functions. They don’t wrap around your face or fit closely to your eyes, so they might not be the best choice for outdoor activities, but they’re great for expressing your day-to-day style.

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Time to get your own pair of cool, classic Clubmasters! 

Aesthetics, quality, and value — three advantages that make a Clubmaster trifecta. If looking cool without being loud is your style, then the vintage look of Clubmaster sunglasses is perfect for you. When you think elegance, think Clubmasters. So, when are you buying your timeless pair? Find a nearby optical store or online retailer and get yours today!

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