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Kerry Washington’s 7 best sunglasses styles

Glamourous, dynamic, accomplished — just a few ways to describe Kerry Washington, an award-winning TV, movie and Broadway actor, producer and director.

This 44-year-old has been in the Hollywood spotlight for years. You probably know her from her breakout role as no-holds-barred Oliva Pope in the TV series Scandal (2012-2018) or most recently as Mia Warren in the miniseries Little Fires Everywhere (2020). Kerry has acted in movies too, starring opposite Jamie Foxx in Ray (2004) and Django Unchained (2012). 

No matter what she’s doing, Kerry Washington exudes sophistication, from her head to her toes. She has been graced with a heart-shaped face — widest at the forehead before tapering down to a narrow chin, like an inverted triangle. With high cheekbones and a mix of curves and angles, she has the perfect features to showcase many popular styles of sunglasses.

Kerry Washington's 7 best sunglasses styles

To complete each impeccable look, Kerry often pairs her outfits with sunglasses. Here are her seven best sunglasses styles:

  1. Oversized round – Large and in charge, these oversized round sunglasses with thick frames offer the perfect retro look. Kerry can definitely pull off the Baroque style from Prada.

  2. Oversized round with subtle cat eye – A twist on the traditional oversized round sunglasses, Carlota sunglasses by Lapima feature a subtle cat-eye shape. In them, Kerry is ready for anything, even posing on her Instagram.

  3. Oval – Sometimes, smaller is better, and oval sunglasses such as Candy by Privé Revaux, with a wire frame and tinted lenses, are the perfect go-to wardrobe staple for Kerry when she’s hanging with friends. 

  4. Oversized oval – Nothing beats an oversized oval look, and when Kerry wears something like Pusherman by Smoke x Mirrors, she’s ready to take on the day.

  5. Aviators – Classic pilot-inspired sunglasses stand the test of time for the Hollywood crowd. When Kerry’s out and about, she shields her eyes with aviators like Rodinara Sunglasses by Michael Kors.

  6. Rectangular – The bolder, the better when it comes to an oversized rectangular shape. Miu Miu Logo sunglasses give Kerry a fantastic eye-catching look.

  7. Classic Wayfarer style – Fun-to-wear, Wayfarer-style sunglasses like the Ray-Ban Meteor Striped Havana really show off the playful, casual side of life, ideal for someone as outgoing as Kerry. 

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Sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch for Kerry. Whatever she’s doing — whether she’s a guest on a talk show, chilling with family and friends, speaking at a rally or taking selfies for her Instagram — she makes sure to accessorize with shades.

Kerry Washington can handle whatever comes her way

Time after time, Kerry is out giving it her all and proving to the world why she’s one of the highest-paid TV stars with a net worth in the millions, according to Forbes.

In many ways, she lives up to the motto made famous by her Scandal character Oliva Pope: “It’s handled.” As Scandaholics know — with many memes to prove it! — Olivia is known for taking charge and getting things done, and Kerry lives the same way. 

She juggles home and work life like a pro, with two kids, Isabelle and Caleb, and husband Nnamdi Asomugha, former NFL player and now actor. Also a passionate activist, she stands up for several social causes, including LGBTQ rights and raising awareness about violence against women. On top of that, she has time to host SNL and work as a L'Oréal spokesperson and Neutrogena brand ambassador.

Kerry Washington is super busy and showing no signs of slowing down, which is great because her fans can continue to look to her for inspiration of all kinds, including her awesome sunglasses style.

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