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Everything you need to know about Chanel sunglasses

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Chanel is a high-end French fashion brand founded by Coco Chanel in 1910. The brand creates classic, ready-to-wear clothing, luxury goods and accessories, including sunglasses in many shapes, styles and colors.

History of the Chanel brand

Gabrielle Chanel (who would later be called “Coco” Chanel) was born in Saumur, France, in 1883. In 1910, Coco opened Chanel Modes, a hat boutique at 21 rue Cambon in Paris. The hats she created helped establish her reputation in the fashion industry.

Coco launched her own clothing boutique in Deauville in 1912. A year later, she started selling a sportswear line made with jersey, a material that had previously been used to create men’s underwear. Coco’s use of this material made the line wildly successful and revolutionized fashion.

This success allowed Coco to open several Couture House boutiques throughout France, including locations in Biarritz and another in Paris at 31 rue Cambon. She released Chanel N°5 in 1921, her first of many fragrances, followed by the launch of her makeup collection in 1924 and her skincare line in 1927.

During the mid to late 1950s, Coco created some of her most iconic pieces: 

  • The quilted 2.55 handbag accented with a gold chain

  • The trimmed tweed suit 

  • Two-tone pumps

The magic that Coco brought to the Chanel brand came to an end in 1971, when she died at 87 years old. Following her death, Karl Lagerfeld was named artistic director of the Chanel brand in 1983 and continued Coco’s legacy.  

Chanel launched a travel collection in 1999, working with Luxottica to offer a line of Chanel glasses and sunglasses.

To this day, the Chanel brand continues to lead the fashion industry by creating beautiful, classic styles.

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Popular Chanel sunglasses styles

Chanel sunglasses designs range from chic to shocking, each holding its own secret homage to Coco herself. All stylish frames are equipped with lenses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Bold rectangle frames

Cuddle up in the lap of luxury with these bold rectangular sunglasses. Modeled by Pharrell Williams in Chanel’s 2020 spring/summer eyewear campaign, the oversized angular frames offer a chic and simplistic look with gold Chanel-brand detailing at the temples. 

Round frames with pearl accents

Probably one of the most popular styles from Chanel, these round metal frames have a beautiful pearl detailing across the top of each lens. The classic design paired with delicate pearl accents make these frames the perfect accessory for a breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Square frames

These classic square sunglasses have a timeless, minimalist design. Made with durable acetate in 10 different color options, the lightweight frames are perfect for casual everyday wear.

Retro cat-eye frames

These old-Hollywood-inspired frames will have you feeling like the star of the show. As if they couldn’t be more glamorous, the thick-rimmed cat-eye frames have a glass pearl detail at the temples with the classic Chanel logo.

Butterfly frames 

For those looking for a sleek, simple pair of sunglasses, look no further. The butterfly sunglasses are a classic pair of rounded frames that offer an effortless elegance. Made with acetate, these delicate frames have a single pearl detail on the arms.

Square frames with gold chain accent

These square, rimless sunglasses have no shortage of detail, referencing Coco’s iconic 2.55 handbag with a gold chain handle. Framing the outer portion of the lenses are gold chain accents, as well as along the arms of the sunglasses. For those feeling bold, a double chain attachment is included and can be added or removed.

Pilot titanium frames

Passengers, fasten your seatbelts. Chanel’s pilot titanium frames will give you serious “Top Gun” vibes with their classic aviator design. The pilot frames come in several color options and are also available in acetate.

Classic round frames

These classic round frames are a perfect addition to any sunglasses collection. Made with a lightweight metal frame and a minimalist design, these sunglasses will have you channeling your inner flower child. 

Where to buy Chanel sunglasses

When you’re ready for a new pair of Chanel sunglasses, you can buy them using one of these purchase options:

  • Chanel – The Chanel website sells the styles listed above, plus more, and offers complimentary shipping and returns. You can also purchase sunglasses in person at a Chanel boutique.

  • Sunglass Hut – Sunglass Hut is a proud retailer of Chanel sunglasses and eyeglasses. You can browse through the selection online and purchase from the website or a local store when you’re ready.

  • Saks Fifth Avenue – While Saks Fifth Avenue sells Chanel sunglasses, they are only available to browse and purchase in the store. 

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