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Philippe Starck glasses for men and women

Philippe Starck eyewear

If you want glasses that boast comfort, flexibility and award-winning design, take a look at Starck Biotech Paris. Using biomechanical technology, iconic French designer Philippe Starck strives to make eyewear products that are both stylish and practical for everyday use. 

About Philippe Starck 

Philippe Starck is a world-renowned designer with more than 10,000 creations to his name, from buildings and furniture to housewares and yachts. Some of his most famous designs include the: 

  • Louis Ghost chair – A recasting of the iconic Louis XV chair in transparent polycarbonate

  • Juicy Salif lemon squeezer – A long-legged citrus juicer that was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York 

  • Kartell Masters chair – With a seat-back featuring a winding, woven pattern, this award-winning chair pays homage to several design masters of the 20th century  

The Starck brand combines cutting-edge technology with elegant design to create items that are minimalist, innovative and useful while keeping them accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. 

From Starck Eyes to Starck Biotech Paris 

Philippe Starck founded Starck Eyes in the mid-’90s with well-known eyewear designer Alain Mikli. Their collaboration was based on the concept of bionism, “the intersection of technology and humanity.” They found inspiration in the human body, designing a screwless hinge based on the ball-and-socket joint. 

Starck Eyes has continued working through the years to merge design and biomechanics, officially rebranding as Starck Biotech Paris in 2019 to reflect its evolution. 

Those efforts have led to awards and recognition in the industry. In 2021, Starck Biotech Paris won the If Design award for Sphere, the same screwless hinge technology mentioned above. 

The environmentally friendly Sphere tech allows the company to make lightweight frame hinges without screws or welding, using a stainless steel ball and titanium temples. 

Starck glasses 

The latest minimalist designs of Starck Biotech Paris eyewear center around Biolink, another screwless hinge with a full range of multidirectional movement. As with Sphere hinges, you can actually bend the temples away from the frames. In other words, they're stronger, more flexible and more comfortable than traditional glasses.

Starck men's, women's and unisex glasses come in a variety of rimmed, rimless and semi-rimless styles in shapes such as round, square and rectangle. They're offered in many color choices, including:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Brown

  • Gray

  • Green

  • Red

  • Silver

  • Tortoise

How much do Starck glasses cost? 

The full retail price of Starck frames typically ranges from $300 to $400, but it’s possible to find deals on discontinued styles. Plus, it’s common for retailers to hold sales throughout the year. Of course, the total cost of your Starck prescription glasses will depend on the type of lenses, features and extras you choose, but your vision insurance can help with that.

Where to buy Starck glasses

If you want a pair of Philippe Starck Biotech Paris frames, you have several options for buying glasses online or in-store:

  • FramesDirect.com – With a variety of women's and men's Starck glasses available, FramesDirect.com offers some frame styles on sale. 

  • Glasses.com  – Look for Starck eyeglasses online at Glasses.com, with significant discounts on some styles.

  • LensCrafters – Starck glasses are available online and in person at LensCrafters, which has optical shops across the country. If you prefer to try on new frames in person, stop in or make an appointment at a LensCrafters near you.

Need new glasses? Make an appointment for an eye exam to make sure your prescription is up to date and check the overall health of your eyes. When you’re ready to pick out new glasses, ask your optician if they carry Starck frames. 


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