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Time for new glasses? Get inspired by these 7 eyewear influencers

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Choosing a new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses can be a challenge. What will look best on your face shape? What’s in fashion right now? Do your dream frames match your budget?

It can be difficult to check all these off your list while you shop for your next prescription lenses and frames. Your options can feel overwhelming or even scarce in some situations.

That’s where eyewear influencers come in — whether you prefer high-fashion glamour or a classic silhouette for your frames, there are many “fresh eyes” to grab inspiration from. From optometrists to fashion bloggers, the following seven trend masters will help you decide on your next spectacles. 

1. Dr. Arian Fartash (@glamoptometrist)

Who better to get eyewear inspiration from than an optometrist? Dr. Arian Fartash is an expert when it comes to eye health, fashion, and of course, choosing glasses — and because she works behind the scenes, she’s naturally ahead of the curve of every trend.

Not only is Dr. Fartash an eye care professional, she also runs a blog called Glam Optometrist, which includes vision, lifestyle and styling tips. She is also the founder and CEO of GlamBaby, a chic and UV-protective eyewear line designed for babies and children. 

When she’s not giving insight about eyes, Dr. Fartash flaunts her favorite glasses on Instagram. Her account is a must-follow if you too are an eyewear enthusiast, you’re looking for tips on vision care, or you’re simply seeking a little pizazz in your feed.

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2. Amy Roiland (@afashionnerd)

When it comes to high-end modern looks, Amy Roiland (otherwise known as A Fashion Nerd) has her eye on the prize. Roiland shares a variety of get-ups that stem from quirky accessories to one-of-a-kind vintage threads. And no outfit is complete without a pair of distinctive eyeglasses or sunglasses.

One scroll through Roiland’s profile or blog will have you adding cat-eye, heart-shaped, pink-lensed and checkerboard-print frames to your wishlist — even if you didn’t know what you wanted in the first place.

Although Roiland coordinates her glasses with her equally eccentric clothing, you can easily contain the boldness to your frames. Follow her page to spark your creativity and pique your interest in fun eyewear.

Bonus: Roiland’s toddler, Ryder Bird, is also a fashionista. Be sure to follow Ryder as well for the latest looks in children’s fads (yes, this includes kids’ glasses).

3. Dr. Sophia Visanji (@themonoclemuse)

If your style leans more toward classic and refined, Dr. Sophia Visanji (the Monocle Muse) is a must-follow. As an eye doctor, Dr. Visanji knows what looks best, feels best and functions best for your eyes.

Dr. Visanji has been sharing her favorite eclectic frames from a selection of designers on her feed for years. And in 2022, she launched her own line of glasses called Aliana Rose Eyewear. The line provides “vintage-inspired eyewear for the rebellious old soul” and features asymmetrical, quaint looks with a touch of 1990s flair.

In both her feed and her eyewear line, it’s easy to see how Dr. Visanji draws inspiration from different cultures and styles around the world. Be sure to give her a follow for a deeper dive into her sophisticated approach to eyeglasses and way of life.

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4. Kayla Heersink (@opticali_style) 

Kayla Heersink has a knack for self-expression. In addition to showing off her own funky frames, Heersink shines a spotlight on the out-of-the-box styles from decades past. Her taste includes everything from space-age designs to single-lens oversized sunglasses.

You could argue that Heersink is somewhat of an eyeglasses historian, given her collage of wacky and iconic fashion moments covering eyewear of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Although many of the frames she posts about aren’t available for purchase, she makes sure to include the history behind them and to present them with the artistry they deserve. It’s easy to get lost in her feed — and to spark your creativity in ways that you may never have thought could come from eyeglasses.

5. Megan Ellaby (@meganellaby) 

British blogger Megan Ellaby has an eye for design that is unique to her own taste, yet intriguing and trendy. Combine these qualities with her passion for eyewear and you’re sure to find the “vision” for your next pair of frames.

Ellaby tends to gravitate toward classic sunglasses with a bit of a twist, which is only appropriate for her colorful and carefree style. Picks such as rectangular pink frames, oversized orange lenses and red cat-eye sunglasses are subtle enough to make any outfit pop without overpowering it. And while they are relatively simple choices, they give the impression that they are carefully curated.

You can duplicate Ellaby’s fun wardrobe and accessories from her Instagram grid and fashion blog. She also has a clothing line called Saturday that is full of fun patterns to pair with your next sunglasses purchase. 

6. Chantal Goldfinger (@chantalgoldfinger)

Chantal Goldfinger is an eyewear consultant turned brand collaborator located in Brazil. And when it comes to eyeglasses, there is nothing she won’t try. Her collection is eye-opening to say the least, and ranges from round orange glasses to frames designed to look like flames.

In an interview with Vision Monday, Goldfinger stated that she had had a lifelong obsession with glasses. As a child, she insisted on trying on all of her friends’ glasses, as well as her father’s reading glasses to embrace her fascination. Growing up to become an influencer in the eyewear world only made sense.

Goldfinger believes that glasses tell the story of you and your personality. Just because they are widely used for vision correction doesn’t mean they can’t also add a little sparkle and glam to your wardrobe. 

7. Jennifer Bitsche (@faceprint.eyewearlove) 

Jennfier Bitsche is an Austrian-based eyewear lover, blogger and co-manager of Hingucker, an eyewear concept store in Vorarlberg, Austria. 

Like many influencers, Bitsche believes that glasses are an extension of your personality. Her style uniquely combines boldness with simplicity, which she showcases in pairs such as oversized wire-rimmed frames, rosey lenses and several rounded sunglasses. But there’s something new to see every day on Bitsche’s Instagram feed and blog, Faceprint.

Be sure to keep up with Bitsche for the latest updates in effortlessly chic and trendy glasses (and if you enjoy travel, which is one of her other major passions).

Making a spectacle decision 

You have the final decision when it comes to your new eyewear. But there’s no harm in being a little influenced.

Not sold yet? Consider what might look flattering on your face shape. Round faces often look best in full-rimmed glasses, while square faces pair well with browline frames.

Once you’ve found a pair that you love, consider upgrading your lenses with features such as blue light filters and/or anti-glare or anti-scratch coatings. Talk to your optician if you have additional questions, concerns or special requests — many frames come in a variety of colors if you prefer one over another.

Shopping online and utilizing a virtual try-on can also help you streamline your decision.

Finally, don’t forget to schedule your annual comprehensive eye exam to evaluate your vision and eye health. As important as ordering your new frames is, it’s even more important to order them with an updated eyeglass prescription!

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