Children’s eyeglasses: Trendy styles for kids

Little girl wearing eyeglasses

When you’re shopping for eyeglasses for your kids, think durable and sturdy, of course, but don’t forget style. Your little ones often are as big on looking good as you are.

To that end, we offer some “yes and no” fashion tips to help in selecting glasses for your children.

Pay attention:

Shine on 

Yes: Generally, glitter should be relegated to girls younger than 8. 

No: Reflective lenses beyond the slopes, fuhgeddaboudit. They’re totally on trend but a nightmare for teachers and a dream for dropouts and daytime snoozers. 

Go for shades

Yes: Look on the bright side, both in acrylic and titanium frames. Kids love cool colors and are less shy than you may be about eye-popping scarlet, cobalt or fuchsia frames. 

Also spot-on are hues beyond the pale: ballet pink in particular. They’re the new neutral.

No: Black’s out for preteens unless they already are punks and Goth chicks.

Prints are playful

Yes: When it comes to prints, sporty wins, in camo and racy checkerboard prints from Gwen Stefani and son Zuma in their brand Zuma Rock. So do preppy plaids in potent pigments and black/white stripes on round glasses. 

Half-and-half — that is, print temples over solid lower rims — are hip.

Ombré also is à la mode, even in the less than 5 set. But have fun arguing if your child then insists his or her hair must match.

No: Tortoise, florals, marbles and animal prints are off-target in traditional tints. Be tone deft and switch to vibrant blue and hot pink.

Cut it out

Yes: Admit it: Wouldn’t you rather your daughter wear cut-out frames versus cut-out tank tops? Look for cool titanium versions.

No: Price may be the only hitch.

Aviators are A-OK

Yes: Colors fly high on fashion’s radar, especially light aqua and pink titanium.

No: Heavy metallic silver or gold miss the mark. 

Cat eyes captivate

Yes: These are the cat’s meow but generally in tamer silhouettes than those for adults.

No: Black ones scream dork.

Go eco

Yes: Youths who care about saving the planet will gravitate to brands such as Eco Kids, crafted from eco-friendly materials.

No: Nature’s brown and green palette is so passé.

Now that you’ve been schooled, you should make the grade.

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