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Best glasses for big heads

Woman wearing wayfarer eyeglasses

Trying on glasses can be tricky if you have what is considered to be a big head. For one thing, you need to be sure your frames fit without pressing into your temples. For best results, shop for glasses with large or extra large frame size options. When it comes to style, look for geometric frames to add angles and the illusion of a longer, thinner look. Avoid round frames because they will accentuate any roundness while drawing attention to the wideness of your face. 

What is your face shape?

People with big heads tend to have wider faces and slightly rounded chins. Their features are softer with full cheeks and broad jawlines. If this sounds like it describes you, you’re in luck --  there are plenty of excellent frame styles specially suited for big heads.

How to pick the right glasses frame for your face

Rectangular frames

Rectangular frames add angle and can slim down the appearance of a larger head. Model Tyra Banks, actor Chris Pratt and actress Tori Spelling are among the larger-headed celebs who’ve been seen wearing rectangular glasses.   

Oversized frames

Show off bold fashion with a pair of oversized frames, and you’ll balance out your larger features. Take your cue from Anne Hathaway and Sophia Loren, who have been photographed striking a pose in oversized specs.

Wayfarer frames

Whether your style is retro or geek chic, you’ll find a perfect fit in trapezoidal Wayfarers. The thick angular frames offset rounder cheeks and draw attention down from the forehead. They’re also a favorite among stars including Mindy Kaling and Robert Downey, Jr.  

These are just a few of the many options for big heads. Have fun finding the right shape and color for your signature look and style. While there are a great range of glasses styles for big heads, you’ll especially want to consider glasses with long enough temple length, the length between the hinge of your frames and where they bend around your ear. This measurement is critical for overall comfort, especially on your temples and near your ears. 

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